Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day!

Happy New Year everyone, from the four of us! It is a GREAT New Year with the babies. What a way to end '08 and start '09. We are starting out with alot of Noodle energy, chasing and wrestling with her brother, testing Momma and Daddy's play skills, and running circles in the house.

She pooped a good, hard, quality-poop at 11am again. Let's hope this pattern continues, although normally, we both would be at work so if she had poop stuck to her butt or a runny poop, we would be SOL!

When she and Bag wrestle, she does this cute little thing where her mouth is left hanging. I think given the size and the battle, she pants more than he does, so her hanging mouth is a pretty cute sight. We are trying to capture that on photo. We're learning that Noodle tends to hang out in the living room when we are sitting on the floor with her. Otherwise, she gives up and goes to the bedroom closet.

It's noon now so they are entering their afternoon nap phase. She is in the hallway closet while he is in the bedroom closet. I assume they will both be out for the rest of the afternoon.

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Dave said...

So...I think we are up to at least a dozen toys per cat laying around the house. The toys we bought are of course used the least while the milk worms get daily attention *sigh*.
But the kids look really cute when they were playing with thier new tunnel tonight. We will have pictures of this up soon.
Was a very nice relaxing first day of '09. What a great family we have!!!