Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Head is Heavy!

Have I mentioned how darling both babies are? Bag has been on his mission to ask for more food, or at least snacks, but has settled for napping on the couch. Noodle decided to hang out in the lower condo but then came down and came directly over to sit on my lap! Oh, that was so cute, I could cry. She didn't stay long, just for a few minutes, and then back to wandering around and back into her lower condo.

And then again, she gets out later and comes over to sit on my lap again. This time, I get a facial on my nose and lips while talking with Dave on the phone - kinda hard to do with your lips closed. She stayed for about 30 minutes this time around. She now joined her brother and me on the couch, and at one point, her head slowly fell to the couch as she napped. How darling is that??

They are so cute together, I can just wrap them as fruit roll ups and eat them!

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