Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Such Activity!

I'm home today and boy, have I been in for a treat. Since this morning when she pooped at 6am, they have both been active - chasing and taunting each other, wrestling, looking out the window, and peeing and pooping (Noodle, again at 9am). In one of their chases, one of them (I suspect Noodle but can't be sure) ran into the hallway closet door, which was closed. I don't think it hurt and it sure sounded funny.

Bag realizes that he can get away from her if he jumps up high, so as long as I'm home, I help him down so he is fair game with her.

Thanks to the baby monitor, I heard one of them in the litterbox when I was in the middle of my shower. When I checked, I couldn't really tell who had gone to do what. The piece of poop looked like Bag's but the pee looked like Noodle's. I suspect that it was Bag because the litterbox scratching wasn't very long - Noodle takes forever in there.

Bag has been going out onto the deck, then immediately returning in. And then out again. And back in. Noodle can't seem to make sense of him. He even collided with her on one of his trips in.

She just finished eating and has come bounding out of the bathroom and right into her brother.

I sure am glad there are two of them to keep each other company, especially when we are gone though I don't know how much they interact then.

Bag greeted me at the door when I returned this afternoon but I found Noodle in the closet. She came out though after a few scratches. They resumed their playing, and Bag settled down on his bed, while Noodle is in the cat castle. They are so cute when they settle down together.

They napped all afternoon and only got active again around 8pm. They didn't play too much with each other but that's because they had both Mommy and Daddy at their whim. They've now settled down again, except Noodle has found a new sleeping spot - atop our askew lap tray.

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