Saturday, January 17, 2009


After some frolicking and activity, both babies had had enough and crashed for a good portion of the late afternoon and evening. I don't know what Bag's excuse was, but Noodle might have been trying to sleep off the vet visit. Bag chose to crash out in the closet while she was in her cat condo out here with us. There were dogs barking on TV which startled her, so we put her in the closet with her brother to sleep it off.

I went in to visit them and she gave me a facial, right on my eye. It was cute but scratchy.

They are now up and active, though I'm sure they will get all the more active as the night wears on. And of course, it's almost bedtime for us. It does seem that she has recovered from her vet visit well, too.

Noodle pooped just a few minutes earlier, and although it was a good poop, it nevertheless hung on her so Dave got the pleasure of pulling it out. Ah, the joys of parenthood.


Wehali said...

Noodle came in to see us on Saturday for her first doctor visit. I was Noodle's nurse, I took all her vital signs and she was even good for her temperture! I can tell you what a cute Kitty! Her big eyes reminded me of an owl, and the little round face! All I wanted to do was pick her up and hug her! Noodle was a little scared but that didn't stop her from finding a perfect "hiding spot" in our exam room sink. She was "invisible" LOL!
Noodle is one lucky kitty to have such a loving mom and dad, they are one of the nicest, caring couple we see here at the clinic. Have an awesome life!
Your friend,


Kim said...

What a nice thing to say. Thanks Shelly. We are blessed to have her, and glad that she chose us for her family. She spoils us as much as we do her (at least I hope she thinks that).