Monday, January 19, 2009


Somehow last night or early this morning when we weren't looking, SOMEONE managed to get high up to knock down our hanging Hello Kitty garland. The only way to do so is to get up high on the cat perch and swing at it. And the only cat to do that is Bag ... unless by some magical feat, Noodle was able to stretch and balance herself.

So we took down the entire garland to allow Hello Kitty to die with dignity. Bag seemed to play innocent by hanging out with me all morning in between his two pee trips.

Noodle came and went, but eventually settled down in bed to my right after eating breakfast. At one point, she even slept cradled in my arm. It is darling when she comes over for some loving, which she did again this morning on the couch, after disembarking from her first condo. I also got my nose bitten and licked.

Neither one has pooped yet - they have been busy napping all day. We are still anxiously awaiting hers so we can take it in for testing. And that is how we are spending our MLK, Jr holiday!

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