Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thanks Aunty AnnMarie!

The kids' aunty AnnMarie came to the rescue! After calling around for Feline Caviar and really getting nowhere, we asked her to stop by the dog store near her place where we had gotten it last to see if they had a bag (we had been calling but there was a constant busy signal).

She sent us a text saying she had gotten a bag and was bringing it over - woohoo! The kids can eat again and Momma and Daddy don't have to worry about soft poop now, hopefully for awhile.

Noodle had been napping in the upper condo when AnnMarie arrived and sniffed her fingers. She was still skittish and came down by herself and retreated to the closet. We brought her out a little later but she retreated to the laundry room this time. As we headed out, we placed her back in her upper condo where she stayed until we returned after dinner.

Bag, however, just cared about getting some treats, which he did. He is great around people - not afraid as long as it's in his environment. He has been napping on my lap all night long while Noodle was in the condo but is now on the floor (after her pee trip).

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