Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Cat Tree is Here!

Well, the BIGGEST cat toy we've ever bought - 74" cat tree - arrived today! It came at noon during my work call but Dave assembled it tonight. Interestingly, Bag didn't take too much interest in it. He usually supervises Dave with these types of projects. He didn't even play with the big ol box it came in. Perhaps he is full and sleepy from eating dinner.

Noodle hid under the couch while Dave was putting it together. Too much noise and movement for her, I guess. She is always skittish like that. But Dave got her out and helped her move around in it. She needs time on it but she took to it more than Bag has so far. Bag simply just jumps down after a few minutes. He is sleeping right now.

So far, she likes the little hanging cat toy. Once or twice she has made it up the first ramp but not from the ground, more like halfway up. We'll see what later tonight brings and tomorrow.

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nancy said...

VERY cool tree! I'm jealous, that is bigger than any I have... :) So fun to think of that little 3 legged girl having such a large world opened up to her.
Thanks for all the pictures - Nancy