Friday, February 27, 2009

Daddy's Back!

We are all excited to have Daddy back home, safe and sound. Momma is especially happy that she is relieved from 24/7 litter duties. But Daddy has gotten out of Noodle poop duties thus far, since she hasn't yet. Only Bag pooped this morning. Noodle spent some time in the litterbox this morning but emerged with no results - I really hope she is OK, or perhaps she "missed her moment". She later peed, but still no poop.

I ended having to leave for work, since I couldn't just sit around waiting for poop. But I got to witness more Noodle and Noodle-Bag antics. They're newest thing is playing with the shower curtain. Bag used to do that before, but he has gotten more aggressive, even tapping my head this morning as I bent down for the towel. Noodle walks around on the edge, with Momma watching anxiously, and sometimes hangs out in the bathtub.

I am anxious to head home soon ... visions of hanging poop on her butt and poop trails around the house. Sigh.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Half Day w/Momma

With the snow and bridge traffic, I'm working from home this morning, which means I get to witness the antics. They slept all night with me, though not till about 1am. With all of that stored up energy, they were messing around in the bathroom and living room, and Bag just sniffed out the deck.

Noodle spent some time checking the falling snow from the windowsill, but allowed some time to poop. And it was a good thing I was here, otherwise I would have come home to yet another poop hanging to her butt. The poor thing - she must sense something but just don't have the full muscles to push it all out. She was a champ with the dab and wipe, and resumed cat-chasing duties, which is the primary duty of the younger little sister.

Now if only Bag would poop, then I will have felt accomplished! Talk about my set of goals. But he settled down in the closet and she is in her upper condo. It'll be sad to leave them but with them napping, it seems an opportune time to head out. I'm already excited to come home, and I haven't even left yet!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One More Day, Daddy!

We cannot wait till Daddy comes home tomorrow! To share in the love and joys of parenthood... oh and yes, in the litter duties. In the meantime, the babies have been very awesome, as always.

Last night I got to sleep a bit more than the previous. In fact, Bag was ready for bed almost immediately. I went and got Noodle around midnight, and amazingly, she stayed. As far as I could tell, she slept with us all night and even moved up to her usual pillow area. Bag somehow took up my entire side - I am certainly learning how to sleep in awkward positions.

They didn't poop at all yesterday or at night, and only peed this morning before I had to leave. They did their usual wrestling and chasing around as I got ready.

When I got in, Noodle surprisingly greeted me in the hallway and we were joined by Bag a little later. We all cuddled for some time, then I got to check the litterbox where I found Noodle poop and a clean butt. Bag then went to poop, but restocked himself by eating dinner.

They spent the evening playing and enjoyed a high quality nap in the closet. They've emerged and wrestled again, but Bag appears headed for another nap ... what, so soon? Noodle came off the window and is just sitting near her tree. Perhaps it's time she join me on the couch ... ?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Second Day Minus Daddy

We are still anxiously awaiting Daddy's return from his business trip but in the meantime, the kids are up to their usual antics. There were random, things-falling-down noises last night plus, the multiple litter trips. If I could will them when to pee and poop ... oh, what a world that would be.

I barely got sleep last night - there were alot of random, things-falling-all-over-the-place noises, but at 345, I went to the living room and found Noodle on the black couch so I brought her into bed. She actually stayed with Bag and me until it was time to get up, unfortunately. However, I spent some time being trapped in bed because they were both wrestling on my legs. What kind of an excuse would that have been for not going to work, huh?

I had to leave at 8 this morning and neither had pee nor poop, so I came home to both surprises, from both of them. And both their butts were clean - yeah!

There were cat naps, cat chases, cat lovin', and feed-me cat looks. They are fresh from their nap and were hanging out on the deck earlier. They were giving each other their infamous staring-at-each-other looks but now she is chasing him.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Stuck while Unsupervised!

So it's the kids' first day without their Dad (who'll be back on Thu). That leaves Momma with 24/7 litter duties - the joys of parenthood. They broke me in early late last night and this morning with individual trips, Bag peeing a little after 11pm and then Noodle at 1245am. Except that when she saw me at the door, she left the box immediately. When I checked her and the box, there was nothing, so either I interrupted her, she was just playing, or she missed her moment.

Nevertheless, she peed for me this morning after Dave left and Bag pooped afterwards. I waited for as long as I could, but by 9am, she still hadn't gone and I had to go to work. But what they did do was wrestle and chase each other actively - I had such a hard time leaving them.

When I got home, I got one of my long-awaited surprises. There was a slight poop smudge on the litter mat that had not been there this morning but yet there was only two Noodle pee clumps in the litterbox. Hmmm...not too good of a sign.

Well, I got my answer when I picked her up. There, hanging onto her left bottom area, was a hard poop, about 1" long. The poor thing, I wonder how uncomfortable she must have been. She was a champion for the most part, enduring the wipes and the poop twist. I don't know how many hours it'd be hanging there but with some twisting, it dislodged. I dabbed her butt again a couple of hours later (to let her forget the initial wipe) so she smells a little better. Hopefully whatever residual was there is now gone. She recovered well - immediately chasing Bag or getting chased, or helping me in the kitchen.

I spent some time walking around the house with the flashlight looking for a poop trail. For better or worse, I couldn't find any more. I'm sure, though, that I probably walked over it or sat in it. And the irony is that we cleaned the house yesterday. *Sigh* Oh well, again, the joys of parenthood.

After awhile, they settled down some, she napping her condo and he in the closet. After a couple of hours, they both emerged and have been resumed their cat-wrestlemania. She took breaks in between to eat. Around 1030 tonight, Noodle made her way to the litterbox, but then came back out a few minutes later. She hung out by the litter room then went back to do her doody deed. She had a successful poopy, seemed relax during the butt check and dab, and subsequently harassed her brother. Of course, it's time for Momma to head to bed but THEY are playful!

On a similar note, we officially sponsored Tashi at Tabby's Place, starting today. He is darling, and reminds us alot of Bag and Noodle combined. We are happy he has such love surrounding him. What a great place this is. Check them out at Too bad we aren't closer to NJ to visit!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy 3 Months!

To this date, it's been three months that our little darling baby girl joined our family! It's been an exciting, adventure-filled time. We've gone through variou poop stages (none, soft, hard, and pull and throw), wrestling matches, pukage, facials, house explorations, and toys galore!

They spent this weekend being pretty active. There was alot of wrestling and chasing, in between some high quality cat naps. They got their food restocked yesterday, so they should be good for about 6 months, at least ... at the rate they both eat. One thing they didn't care for was the vacuuming. I spent time in the closet with Noodle while Dave vacuumed. But she came out afterwards to join the rest of the family.

They are now waking up from their long afternoon naps, just as the weekend is winding down. This morning, they both peed and pooped before 8am. That'd be great if they did that every morning - so we can go to work with one less thing to worry about. I doubt this will happen regularly, but one can hope.

They later helped Dave with his packing. Too bad we didn't take a pic but Bag noticed that his "bed" in the closet (Dave's suitcase) was missing but ended up napping on it and his clothes later.

Friday, February 20, 2009

She's Grown!

Yesterday we were just noticing that Noodle has grown slightly in the 3 months (this weekend!) she's been with us. At her vet visit last month, she was up to 5 pounds and though she is light compared to her 17+ pound brother, you can see that there is more of Noodle. I don't think in a bad (fat) way, just that she is getting a little older.

And to go with that, ALOT feistier! She and her brother just continue to wrestle, chase, annoy, and antagonize each other. They share the brunt in instigating it, too. Last night, though, was the first night we heard her meow at him to stop, or at least in annoyance. Usually it's him. At least she wasn't hissing at him. Bag is growing more accustomed to her licking his head or face. He at least seems to tolerate her facials. He doesn't do it back to her, perhaps in time, but it's cute to watch them like that.

Though it was early (515), she had a good poop but then again at 7, right in the middle of my shower. Thank goodness for the baby monitor.

She was helpful yesterday as I packed up a few things. She decided the bag was for her, so she has made a home out of it, even though we cut the handles off to prevent her neck from catching.

She slept with us last night, or at least when I awoke, there she was - her little sleepy face just an inch or two from me. It's a very comforting thought. And then, of course, I got my facial. How can I resist her?

They have been playing, but she's now resting on Dave's suitcase as I type this. Unfortunately, I have to get to work, which has got to be one of the saddest times in my life as I leave them. We still need to get that nanny cam!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

at Home w/Mommy

I got to spend today with the babies. They wrestled around this morning in bed on my legs, which makes sleeping hard. Soon after I was done with one in the litterbox and went back to my business, the other was in tow in the litterbox. I'm not sure if Noodle pooped today, since some of her pee clump broke off into pieces. But she pooped a good one last night just before bed - 3" according to Dave (thank goodness he was here). That nearly emptied her!

She spent a good portion of today napping on the couch as I worked. But it took awhile and alot of thoughts and coaxing to get her here. She was under the black couch for awhile while Bag was sunning himself outside. Or, she was roaming the living room and kitchen while Bag napped in the closet. She helped me pack up a few things for donations while Bag ate his breakfast in the bathroom.

They certainly complement each other well.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Someone's Needy!

... and this time it isn't Noodle. Bag is definitely taking on traits from his previous brothers Tetley and Tigger. While Noodle quietly and patiently watches, Bag is constantly asking for food, whether it's in the morning as we get ready for work or in the evening when we return or making our dinner. He is constantly around our feet while she eyes him. She is great though - she doesn't try and move in on him.

Speaking of great, she pooped this morning at 530, just in time for us to get up and get the day started. Too bad this can't be her normal schedule. I came home to only her pee and no poop.

They have been playing with each other off and on since I got home. One time, I walked around the corner and caught them in the middle of wrestling; they froze and just gave me a whoops-we-got-caught look. It was cute.

They are resting now, although I have to walk past Bag to get my dinner. Undoubtedly he will think it's for him.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Independent Noodle

Well, Noodle went her independent way today. I guess too much time with the parents yesterday wasn't very cool. She didn't sleep with us (much) last night but did her usual pee at about 645 this morning. She did hang out with me in bed staring out the window but then later decided to poop at 945. Unfortunately, she had a piece hanging from her butt - ironic that this was on my poop watch.

She spent a good portion of the afternoon either hanging out in the cat condo, on the deck, and even under both couches. Interestingly, it didn't take any sudden noises or movements to get her scurrying under there. She'd been doing so well with not hiding under the couches much. But she was pretty quick to move there from her condo when the UPS guy knocked on the door.

She's still napping and it's now 8pm. She'll be awake and playful later tonite, indeed.

Bag has been napping off and on, in the closet mainly but came out to check out the activities in the living room and to grab some snacks.

Perhaps they needed this holiday today to rest up from being too cute?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lotsa Time with the Parents

Hopefully this is a good sign to come but Noodle spent ALL day with us today. She was either in bed with me and her brother, or on the couch with us - usually lying on or against one of us. She has never chosen to spend all of her waking (and non waking) hours with us for the entire day before. It was SO amazing and wonderful. She only spent some time in her condo, but then came down to sit with us.

She and Bag wrestled in bed this morning, too, right on my legs. Thank goodness they don't weigh too much.

I swear, too that she was watching TV with us, with those big, focused eyes. We watched "Kindergarten Cop" and then "Spaceballs." In between, she gave both of us some facials and lickins.

She didn't poop at all today, which is understandable because she last pooped 24 hrs ago a really large one (3", as a matter of fact!). We are expecting her to go sometime tonite when we're in deep sleep, of course.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

There was alot of love going around today, Valentines Day or not, as usual in this household. Noodle gave us at least three pee and poop encounters while Bag gave us only two. Both of them got their caviar and Evo restocked. I got my facials from Noodle, and both Dave and I got some cuddles (along with meows) from them both. I especially got some help doing laundry, too. They got lots of time to nap while we ran errands. We also turned on the fireplace but Bag didn't seem interested. Noodle checked it out but only after we placed her there.

We spent all day showing them how much they are loved. Hopefully they understand. Every day is Valentines Day here!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Noodle's First Friday the 13th

There was nothing scary about her first Friday the 13th but there was alot of activity. She was up pooping at 530 this morning, then hung out with her brother or on the window until it was my turn to give them some attention.

She decided that I didn't need to go to work immediately so we played hide and seek while Bag ate in the bathroom. I spent a good, long 10 minutes looking for her in this tiny, little house. I had not open any outside doors, so she HAD to be somewhere. But I checked every closet, in every little nook and cranny that she hangs out in, but she was nowhere to be found.

Finally I rounded the corner and there she was, fresh from coming out of hiding from under the black couch. She had wedged herself in good back there. But ah, after time, she will run out of places to hide, for sure!

She pooped and peed while we were gone, and got her butt wiped. Bag just wanted his food whereas she was just wandering around. We left for dinner but we resumed playing with them when we returned. In fact, she spent about ten minutes licking my face. That was THE longest facial I got from her. My face actually feels softer afterwards! But her tongue is rough!!

She just peed and they are now both hanging out on the living room floor. She is a bit more active than Bag at the moment, but I think they are awake as the night draws on. She just came running into the living room and startled her brother, who is now egging her on.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Routinely Noodle

Noodle's becoming much more proficient with her unsupervised pooping (even though I want us to be home when she does go). Today Dave got home before I did and checked both of their butts. Clean as a whistle, with no droppings on the mats at all. I was so proud of her for pooping at 440 this morning before we went to work, too.

They were both active this morning, as is their routine thus far. It gets difficult to feed Bag with her watching but she's been great with it. I was sad to leave them, but excited to see them tonite. They've been just hanging around and she is now ready to come down from the condo after her nap. I am trying to send her some come-sit-with-me thoughts.

They must have worked because she is here now, though I cannot breathe for fear any movement will disturb her.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Noodle's Gimmicks

Noodle continues to razzle and dazzle this family. Since the last blog entry, she has scurried across the carpet from one end of the house to the other, thereby re-opening the scab wound on her rear paw (which was created by her very own scurrying). Both she and her brother have peed and pooped at the same time, at all hours of the day and night, and though her brother seems to care less about the butt wiping, she is daring me to wait it out in the litter room with her. And of course, while playing the waiting game with her, I came nose to nose with some small poop dropping bits on the litter mat.

She certainly has her preferences. At times she takes to the laser pointer and at other times, she'll just ignore it.

She is becoming very proficient on the cat tree, though at times you can still see the struggle in her little, but fiery eyes and strength in her front paws.

Though they as yet have to stick to a routine after we've identified it as a routine, both babies are energetic in the mornings as we get ready for the day but nap in the late afternoon/early evening as we're ready to cuddle with them. Go figure.

Over the past couple of days, she has sat on the couch with us more, on her own choice. But something will catch her eye, and she will become bored with us.

Her latest thing we just saw tonite is as she was climbing up the steps to the couch, she started looking like she was going to puke. It was a funny sight but I'm sure she didn't think so. We moved her to the tiled floors but the moment has passed. So now, we will need to watch out for puke droppings! Guess she had to be like her brother.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Alot of Activity!

Even though we didn't blog yesterday, Noodle and Bag both kept us busy. There were alot of poop incidents - today Noodle pooped twice within a six hour timeframe, one of which was unsupervised and required several butt wipes. I'm telling you - sharp claws and a sweater don't mix!

And then there was ALOT of wrestling, even a Noodle paw to a Bag eye with a Bag screaming. I could have been the good Momma by intervening but they didn't seem like they hated each other (we've been lucky so far).
After the wrestling, there's the bonding in the cat tree. Although Bag doesn't get up on the top perches (he is actually too big for them), they do, at times, hang out on the tree together. It's a darling sight.

There was the unsuccessful trip to the pet store by my office for the feline caviar but it wasn't in stock. But there WAS the fun trip to Petco where someone (whom we shall name Bag) got a pink t-shirt that was clearly too small for him.

And there was a visit from our girlfriend. Bag walks up to her easily and everytime she visits, with no worries in the world at all. But Noodle stared at her with such focus from her condo, then scurried into the closet. Even when we cuddled with her and brought her back out, she still ran away. Dave sat with her for a bit - she was shaking but calmed down afterwards. We went out afterwards; she napped in her old condo while we were gone.

We're hoping she'll get used to having visitors over ... I mean, what is she going to do when our overnight guests (family) visit and stay for a few days? I have visions that we'll find puddles of pee and poop. (Non-medicated) suggestions are welcomed, especially if someone can speed up time, which I think is the real solution. I think I'm going to ban my family from visiting! :)

And last but not least, there were alot of facials very early in the morning! I can't believe that this little 5 pounder literally holds down my hands and even positions my face so she can bathe me. Why do I give into her? I guess the answer is obvious.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Friday Night Puke!

So although Noodle has been making most of the blog's headlines and news, Bag was not to be outdone last night. While she was napping in her upper condo, Bag was nicely sitting with us on the couch. He hasn't done much of that since we got Noodle.

After staying for at least 30 minutes, he got up and wandered over to the condo area. When I looked up, there was a HUGE, string of nasty looking puke that he felt he had to share with all of us. Then he wandered over to the hallway and same thing, though not very much. Thank goodness Dave was home and is trained in puke clean-up! This was THE longest and BIGGEST string of puke he had ever let up.

And interestingly, he hasn't puked since last fall. He had had a bout of ongoing puke at that time, but seemed to have cleared himself. Since we got Noodle and put him on her diet, he hasn't puked since, so we thought he was taking to it. We think it was more of a hairball than anything else, that had been festering in his stomach. I'm sure he had to have felt good after that.

Noodle slept through the whole episode. And speaking of sleep, she slept with us last night for at least two hours, with me holding her head. She's too darling, how can I not? She rewarded me with her aggressive facials, and constant investigation of the blanket. Both she and Bag took turns peeing and pooping, which meant Dave went to the litterbox four times in a 1 1/2 hr time span when he needed his sleep. That's love.

They've been active this Sat thus far. We are waiting for them to nap so we can run errands.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Noodle's New Hobby

So in addition to laser pointers, Noodle likes flashlights. She follows the light and shadows around the floor and walls. She is very kewt! And yet another reason why she clearly resembles her father. Perhaps her Dad will buy her her very own flashlight.

After the flashlight show last night, she pooped just before bedtime. Again, what a good girl! At 420am, she joined us in bed, and proceeded with several facial makeovers on me. She got pretty aggressive for someone her size, holding down both my arms and inching towards me to block me in. Sigh.

While we were getting ready for work, she and Bag romped and wrestled. Holding true to her good girl-ness, she peed and pooped at 630, just in time for us to leave. It's always so hard to leave them when they are active and playful.

Mystery of Blood Spots Revealed!

So because Noodle has one rear paw (the right), she tends to drag it when getting around. Sometimes she walks on all three, but rarely. Anyway, last night, we saw a few small dried spots of blood on the couch cover. Since they weren't huge spots, we didn't think too much of it.

Today when I got home and was playing with her (while her brother snuck some food into the bathroom), I noticed the scab that was on her rear paw showed some red but dried blood. And then it made sense - now that she is comfortable coming up to the couch to sit with us, undoubtedly her scab had opened a bit. Poor thing. So we're checking with her doctor for suggestions. Of course, knowing her, she'll lick whatever we apply on there.

Other than that, she had the typical Noodle day. I woke up to her this morning (and tried to fend off the facial). I don't know where they get the energy but they were both active from the get-go. We both had to leave early so it was great that she pooped at 6am, although she pooped again sometime during the day (with Bag). I had fun cleaning the litterbox and wiping her butt.

They have been resting but Bag came out for some treats. Dave eventually got Noodle out from the castle to hang with us. Her sleepy face is darling!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rambuctious Lil Thangs!

I'm not sure I spelled that right, but they sure were rambuctious today. Right from the get go, when she pooped at 515 this morning (so early!). We could hear them running into or over the crinkle tunnel, into walls and furniture, and the window. At least they are together and seemed to be enjoying one another.

As always, we missed them while we were at work (but we have to make the money to buy the cat food and toys to keep them full and entertained while we're at work making the money to buy the cat food and toyes to keep them full and entertained ... ).

When I got in, Bag was right there but Noodle was nowhere to be seen. I thought she was in the closet but I rounded the corner and there she was, sitting in the middle of the living room in a ball. How absolutely darling! I just wanted to eat her!

She had pooped again while we were gone and got her butt wiped several times. She was not happy but seemed to tolerate the wipes when Dave does it. I'm OK that Dave has these cat butt-wiping skills and not me.

They've been playing off and on tonight, including hanging out on the deck twice. Nothing like babysitting your kids on the deck while letting the cold air in. They've since settled down now, but not for the night, I'm sure.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What to Do?

It was either last night or the night before, when I opened my eyes and saw Noodle lying upside down in between the cracks of her and my pillow. How darling - I didn't want to disturb her since we've been trying to train her to sleep with us (her brother does).

In the middle of the night, there was a hiss and some grunting sounds, so Dave went out to check and shined the flashlight on them. They froze, having been caught with paws on each other's heads. It was cute.

This morning, they were still at it. In fact, as I worked, they found ways to keep themselves amused. Oh, did I mention that they now like playing with the bathroom trash can? It's a game of "how many times can we knock it over for Momma and Daddy?"

Only Bag pee'd before I left. No Noodle poop, which drives me crazy during the day thinking she's in her litterbox unsupervised. It's now 930 pm and she just walked in there, but no, it was only a pee trip.

Bag got a brand new mouse toy tonight! His current one is hanging on a string in the laundry room, and he tries to walk away with it but to no avail. He's done that several times, and tonight, he made noises. So Dave gave him a new one (there are 2 more new ones ... shhh! Dave had to special order them.). Noodle was great - she watched him play without trying to steal it (because Bag would do that to her). Dave took a cute picture of them both eyeing the new mouse. So far they are pretty good about taking turns playing with it.

After a month or so, Noodle finally played with her cuddle coil, too. She humored me by letting me lift it up with her in it, but she was busy with her mouse.

This is all they need, of course, is to fill the house with more toys. Oh well, that's their way. Gotta love 'em!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Our Companion

Noodle, at least this time, has been awake, alert, active, and kept us company more than Bag has, who has drifted off and on in the bedroom. She only pee'd while I was home, but had pooped earlier. She's been active for the most part, despite a short nap. She has now decided that she likes my hair band and that it is HERS.

She also helped Dave as he did some work at home. It's amazing how a little 5 pounder can keep herself occupied with the simplest things, like a wad of paper and our back scratcher.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sleepy Baby...

Noodle continues to be so darling! I remember waking up around 8-ish to her sitting on chest, staring at me with those big, brown eyes. She then had a go at me with several facials, even holding my fingers down. She is quite assertive that way, adjusting me as she pleases. Her tongue is really rough, but when she's THAT darling, what am I going to do?

She later pooped a healthy one at 10 and spent the afternoon napping in her upper cat condo after wrestling with her brother. Later we brought her down to sit with us and this photo is the result: "I am so tired, Mommy ... I gotta sleep. I'm just going to lay my head down for a few minutes ... sooo tired from being cute!" How can anyone argue against THAT?