Saturday, January 31, 2009

Third Time's the Charm!

Noodle sometimes has days where she poops three times, and today is one of those days. After napping off and on this afternoon and while we were gone tonight, she has since become active, including pooping a third time at 9 tonight. She seems fine and the poops were healthy but I always wonder if she's truly OK. At any rate, she was the one playing while Bag kept us company during the movie.

They are now roaming for the evening; hopefully they will settle down.

Back to Noodle Normal

Noodle had not pooped since her last incident involving the bath, but 36 hrs later, she appears to be back to normal. She just pooped a somewhat healthy one, and then again about 45 minutes later. Perhaps she was "collecting". Hopefully she is OK.

The two of them have had a semi-active morning. After a few hours of sleep with us (Bag mainly, Noodle was out and about in the living room), they took turns wrestling and hunting each other. I had a health exam this morning so while Bag was curiously helping the visitor, Noodle tucked herself under the couch. Earlier we were cleaning and they didn't care much for the vacuuming.

Though things returned to normal, it took awhile to get Noodle out of hiding from under the cat tree to resume her normal Noodle activities. They are now pawing at each other on the window sill, getting some sun. Bag has been outside a few times on the deck, checking out the view.

Friday, January 30, 2009

On Our Toes

The kids just have to do whatever it takes to keep us on our toes, no matter what time it is. Both babies appeared to go all day without any poop. Bag must have been gathering it in his big belly because he let out a healthy and smelly one in the evening! Whoo!

Then Noodle went just before midnight as we were retiring for the night. She pooped a clean one, and we thought we were done. But at 1230am, there she was again, scratching. And this time, she decided that she needed to clean her butt too, so she stepped in her poop and got it all over her rear paw and butt. That led to some fun times in the bathroom sink and alot of toweling. This is exactly what we want to do as we are groggy from sleep!

Dave petted her for awhile to let her know she wasn't in trouble while I cleaned up. The babies hung out in the living room after it was all over but after a few minutes, Bag came in and settled on the bed with us for the entire night. Noodle decided that might not be a bad idea, so she slept with us all night, too, on her pillow! It's rare that she sleeps throughout the night with us.

I knew we were forgiven for the bath when she gave me several facials this early morning. They got up with us and were all active already. Sadly, I had to leave them for the day. When I returned, there was only pee in the litterbox from both. They came out of the closet and picked up where they left off. They are so simple!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Day of Pee

Both babies are now having Mom and Dad play the poop-waiting game. Neither one pooped today, although there was alot of peeing to go around. And, alot of wrestling and activity this morning. I got several facials that woke me up, plus a Bag sleeping on my legs. Noodle came and slept with us a bit, but I think she tends to be a light sleeper in the mornings.

Speaking of sleep, she is in her cat condo now while Bag is supervising a bath. Bag is becoming more and more like his older brothers Tetley and Tigger ... constantly asking for food. Good thing he has his sister to chase and wrestle him - someone needs to keep him active to avoid any obesity issues. As it is, it is a workout to carry the big boy around.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2 Months and Counting!

It occurs to us that this past Saturday was Noodle's two months with us! Woohoo! What a glorious, most wonderful two months. We have the perfect family with sufficient amounts of cuteness and stubbornness in these two babies.

Noodle has made this HER home and Bag has welcomed her nicely. Our lives and schedules revolve around them, as it should! They share toys although they will hunt and chase each other like no one's business. I'd like to think they watch out for each other - I mean, they haven't hurt one another.

Noodle has been pooping well. Since we have to be at work most of the time, we have had to hope she has healthy ones and so far, despite a few incidents, she has. Bag pooped this morning before I left, but it looked like she did during the day.

Noodle clawed her way up to the top condo and napped while Bag roamed around. They are now awake and beginning their evening activities.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Poop Tricks

We both had to leave early this morning, and they were both active as we got up to start the day. I woke up to her pee but no poop.

When I pulled into the garage, Bag was again meowing on the other side of the garage door. That seems to be his thing now. She was in the top condo and came down as I entered. I am so glad that she isn't afraid anymore, or at least, so far.

It looked like she had pooped and peed sometime during the day. But her butt wiped clean. Bag snuck in there and pee'd, and when I went to clean the litterbox, I found more evidence of Noodle poop and her pee. I wonder when she did that, since I hadn't been home long and I had her in my sight. Perhaps they are playing tricks on me?

At any rate, they both got their butts wiped and only Bag showed evidence of poop. I wonder if it was Bag who had pooped and not her?

Anyway afterwards, they wrestled and I tell you, this house is not large enough for the two of them. Bag almost ran into my legs as she was chasing him.

She now made her way up into the top condo and Bag is simply just waiting for treats.

Monday, January 26, 2009

More Poop Today!

Bag was meowing on the other side of the garage door when I got home; we exchanged meows back and forth. Noodle was in the top condo, napping, I presume; she looked a little sleepy when I turned on the lights.

Only Noodle had peed and pooped while we were gone, though Bag made a pee donation while I was cleaning the litterbox (thanks!). She had some residual on her butt which took a few wipings. She tolerated them mostly but started squirming when I used the second sheet. Dave finished cleaning her up and got the eye gunk out, when he got home. He definitely has the touch.

Bag got his dinner and they both got treats. I emptied some groceries and they decided playing with the plastic and paper bags was fun. They spent some time jumping on the other who was in the bag - very darling! They are now both resting in the hallway, to regain strength, I'm sure.

Monitoring Litter

Well, Noodle has had several litterbox trips, mainly pee but she finally pooped this morning (after 30 hrs of waiting). Bag earlier pooped a healthy one and definitely needed a butt wipe.

Dave set up a camera in the litter room to help us identify which baby is using it. We are not yet proficient in figuring out who scratches how. If it's Bag, he is usually pretty good about his litter and so needs less maintenance. Noodle, on the other hand, always keeps us on our toes.

This morning she has been busy hanging out on the window sill while Bag played with his hanging mouse and rested in the hallway. He has already had his breakfast but has been asking for treats. As I was clearing dishes, I did see her give the top of his head a bath. It was cute.

She got off the window sill and eventually found her way up on the cat tree. She almost made it up to the top perch on her own but decided now wasn't her moment, so she settled for the second to the top platform. Although I left her alone to try, after it was obvious that she was done, I went over and helped her up on the top condo, which she can do once she figures it out. From there, she made it up to the top perch and hung out for a few minutes. She got down wonderfully and safely on her own, using the ramps and platforms without suicide jumps. We are so proud of how she is using her surroundings to move around.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Snow ... Again?

Noodle was in her usual form last night and today. She pooped at 230 in the morning and although she wasn't with us after that, she did somehow come to bed early this morning. I got not one, but two, sets of facials from her and some loving bites on my fingers. She didn't really nap but more like took some down time in between playing.

Bag got his breakfast while she scooted around the house, just generally being curious. She and Bag took turns watching the snow fall a bit but they weren't into it too much this time. There was some wrestling going on, but they look like they are settling down now.

Noodle is becoming much more verse on the cat tree. Although she has not yet made it all the way up to the top perches on her own, she has come very close. You can see the fire in her eyes to make it up there, the strength in her front paws, and the determination in those 5 pounds. It's tempting to help her but we've given her space to learn. I am sure she has fallen when we weren't looking but apparently it hasn't stopped her. Bag doesn't get on the cat tree much, and definitely not on the top perches. We think it's because he's a big boy and his movements make the tree wobble. That's OK - he can get high up atop the fridge where she can't so it's only fair.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thanks Aunty AnnMarie!

The kids' aunty AnnMarie came to the rescue! After calling around for Feline Caviar and really getting nowhere, we asked her to stop by the dog store near her place where we had gotten it last to see if they had a bag (we had been calling but there was a constant busy signal).

She sent us a text saying she had gotten a bag and was bringing it over - woohoo! The kids can eat again and Momma and Daddy don't have to worry about soft poop now, hopefully for awhile.

Noodle had been napping in the upper condo when AnnMarie arrived and sniffed her fingers. She was still skittish and came down by herself and retreated to the closet. We brought her out a little later but she retreated to the laundry room this time. As we headed out, we placed her back in her upper condo where she stayed until we returned after dinner.

Bag, however, just cared about getting some treats, which he did. He is great around people - not afraid as long as it's in his environment. He has been napping on my lap all night long while Noodle was in the condo but is now on the floor (after her pee trip).

Cat Food!

Noodle, despite her small frame and size, is one mighty little kitty with ALOT of CATTITUDE! She pooped last night at 1030 just around bedtime then again at 630 this morning and 130 this afternoon, with a pee trip in between. I don't know what she did at night, but after a few attempts by Dave, she slept with us this morning. Never mind the awkward position my arm was in to cradle her ... as long as she is comfortable!

They both wrestled around this morning with a few cat chases in between. We have been calling around for her feline caviar cat food. It's such a specialty that no one carries it so we have to special order it. In fact, the only place that carried it the last time we got it is near my office across the water, so we are having one of our friends stop by and check to see if they have it (they weren't answering). In the meantime, we had to order two bags and are now scrimping to see if the remaining food will last till the orders arrive.

We are absolutely hesitant to change her cat food, given the soft poop incident the last time. I don't know if they both like the caviar but I am always replenishing the bowls every day. There's a little bit of the Innova Evo in it too, which they don't seem to have a negative reaction to (but it's in such small quantities). Wouldn't it be great if she could eat food that was accessible??!!

Of course, we love them to death, so we'll do what it takes. They are so darling and precious, how can anyone NOT love them? Especially as they are napping away? She is getting more comfortable with navigating the cat tree, too, on her own. Love them kids!

Friday, January 23, 2009


So glad it's Friday, which means it's the last work day before two full days with the babies again. They did their usual thing last night - messing around in the litterbox near midnight and goofing off in the living room, I'm sure.

I woke up to the sounds of Noodle eating, and then it was Bag's turn to get his breakfast. They wrestled and as I prepared for the day, she sat on the window sill in the bedroom as Bag monitored.

I was very anxious to see them (it was a full day again). There was Bag, meowing when I opened the garage, sitting curled up in the hallway. I called out for Noodle as I put my things down but she didn't respond or come out - that was because she was in her second condo atop the cat tree! That was so cute; I'm proud of her. How she came down, I don't know since she did that when my back was turned.

They were both very energetic - probably glad to have someone home to refill their food bowls. They wrestled all over the house, jumping on each other and rolling around. There was one time when they wrestled for at least two full minutes - the longest I had seen! They were really going at each other.

Bag later got his dinner and surprise surprise, a bath from Daddy! Noodle was on the other side of the bathroom door meowing (very cute!), so I let her in. I held her up to see what the fuss was all about and Dave even held her in the bath. She squirmed and kicked a bit and was glad to have been out of there. She was just slightly damp and although I had cracked the bathroom door to let her out, she hung around, now more curious about the smell of the shampoo than Bag's dire situation.

Bag didn't care for the bath, so he gave himself a cat bath while Noodle supervised. The bath doesn't hurt, especially since it'd been awhile. Plus, it was a good time to clean his butt.

Speaking of butt, they both peed today, and at the very least, Bag pooped. I think she did, too but I wouldn't be surprised if all the poop belonged to Bag. I hate missing her poop moment - it messes up my spreadsheet and I can't pinpoint a time!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bag and His Tree

Bag has not played or hung out on the cat tree as much as Noodle, but nevertheless, he is cute when he does use it. In actuality, he is always cute, even though he is 15 pounds, and then some. He is one big boy but that just means there's more of him to love!

Active, Aren't We?

Both Dave and I got home a bit late tonight, so we were definitely missing the kids! Soon as I pulled into the garage, I could hear Bag clearly and loudly meowing on the other side of the garage door. He was helpful as I unloaded the truck (as always).

As I walked into the hallway, there was Noodle by the kitchen. Like yesterday, she came out from wherever she was, so I hope she continues to not be afraid when we come home. She was hesitant, though, when Dave came home, but didn't go running far. I guess he is a far bigger human being to her.

She has been active for most of tonight. There were times where it appeared she was about to nap but you can't keep an active Noodle down! She pooped at 830 - what a normal time for once!

Bag ate his dinner and napped a bit, and although he wasn't as active as her, they nevertheless hunted and wrestled with each other. They are so darling, both together and as individual kitties, that I just want to gobble them up! I believe they get cuter each day - is that possible?

She is showing signs that she clearly does not like to be cradled like a baby. I don't know why but it might have to do with her past life. At any rate, we don't want to startle, annoy or hurt her, so we will definitely listen to her!

All Night Long

This little thing we call Noodle made herself comfortable right in the middle of our couch and with her brother last evening, which meant Dave and I had to sit elsewhere in the living room. How dare we think this is our house?

She went almost all day yesterday without pooping but as Noodle would have it, she pooped at 1130, just as we were retiring for the night - of course! And then she was off. Throughout the night, she and her brother pee'd and messed around with the litterbox, which meant Dave got up each time to check. Now that's Daddy love! The litterbox monitor sure got a workout.

Noodle was rustling around near the closet this morning and was ready to start her morning. Bag ate his breakfast while she found toys to busy herself with, then when he was done, the two got down to business. They've settled down some now, with him somewhere in the bedroom and her on the window sill.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Head is Heavy!

Have I mentioned how darling both babies are? Bag has been on his mission to ask for more food, or at least snacks, but has settled for napping on the couch. Noodle decided to hang out in the lower condo but then came down and came directly over to sit on my lap! Oh, that was so cute, I could cry. She didn't stay long, just for a few minutes, and then back to wandering around and back into her lower condo.

And then again, she gets out later and comes over to sit on my lap again. This time, I get a facial on my nose and lips while talking with Dave on the phone - kinda hard to do with your lips closed. She stayed for about 30 minutes this time around. She now joined her brother and me on the couch, and at one point, her head slowly fell to the couch as she napped. How darling is that??

They are so cute together, I can just wrap them as fruit roll ups and eat them!

Someone is Active!

Noodle is learning to be helpful around the house, just like her brother - when we're making the bed, brushing our teeth, or just general cleaning. How can this little 5 pound of cuteness be all over the place at once?

Like a good girl, she peed and pooped at 11 last night. If only she would do that to end the night, that'd be great. She pee'd this morning and has been off running since. They both have been chasing and hunting each other ALOT this morning, and it's barely 7am. I bet they are wishing that we had a bigger house.

Noodle surprised me this morning by making her way up to the second condo on her own! There was alot of momentum going on in that little 5 pound body. She tried to make it to the top but didn't really get there so I helped a bit. She sure has fire (or is it stubbornness?) in her eyes when she struggles. It was a bummer to leave them both but the sooner I go, the sooner I return. She did manage to get down by herself, with Momma's supervision.

It was about a minute after I got home that someone came around the corner to greet me, and it wasn't Bag (usually is). What an accomplishment, for her to approach someone who just came in. She then went through my bags, probably looking for something for her. Bag, on the other hand, was napping on the couch and only got up when he heard the rustling of the snacks.

Only Bag had pee'd while we were gone, but after I cleaned it, she went ahead and pee'd. Hopefully she will poop tonight.

They are alert, but Noodle is way more active than Bag, who is now full from his early dinner. She is now resting on the window sill.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So Cute and Needy!

Tonight Noodle spent a good portion sleeping in her lower cat condo while Bag roamed around for food. I swear, he acts as if he doesn't have two food bowls freshly available in the house and gets wet breakfast and dinner every day (whereas his poor, lil, ol sis eats the same-oh-same-oh). He finally settled down to a nap in the closet.

Then around 830, Noodle awoke and slowly came down the ramp, looked at us, and thought that we weren't such bad people. So she came over to the couch, climbed up the stairs, and sat with us for about an hour! Amazing! She napped on my lap with me holding her, thus ending my net-surfing for the evening.

They are now awake but not fully alert, I don't think. It may take them some time to really get energetic and stir things up, again ... right when we are headed to bed!

Poop Competition

It's sad to see the (holiday) weekend end, but we got off to a nice start early this morning. I don't know what she does in the middle of the night but this morning around 3 or 4-ish, I saw her emerging from the bathroom and coaxed her to come to bed. Usually she ignores me, but this time she came up and settled down nicely on her pillow. Bag was already with us so it's nice to have the complete family.

I hated having to get up but they both got up with us and were pretty energetic. So she didn't poop at all yesterday but she did this morning at 7am - just in time for me to head to work (thanks alot, Noodle!). It was sad to leave them with all of their antics.

When I did get home around 3, there was nothing in the litterbox but guess WHO was in the top condo of the cat tree? And the same guess WHO made her way down when I wasn't looking. I was so proud of her. I have no idea how she made it up there and would love to be around to see her do it again.

I also brought home a few small cat toys. One was a zig zag ball that no one paid attention to and another was a crinkle ball which Bag immediately made it his. Now that he is bored with it, Noodle doesn't care much for it since Bag's saliva is all over it. Well, that'll teach me to spend $5 randomly on them!

Around 330, somebody decided to poop and pee again. This time, I got to collect it in the tube (woohoo!). But I had some help from Bag, who decided that he needed to poop as well while I was trying to scoop up her poop. All this, and not wanting Bag to miss his chance to go, either. Sigh ... kids! They both had healthy poop (and the smell!) and their butts wiped. Bag definitely needed the wiping!

I ran her poop out to the vet and upon return, they were both staring at each other on the living room floor. I am so proud of her for not hiding in the closet this time around. Hopefully in time she'll be OK when we and our friends come and go. They are still romping and hunting each other, although Bag is intent on asking for more food. He'll have to wait till dinner time.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Somehow last night or early this morning when we weren't looking, SOMEONE managed to get high up to knock down our hanging Hello Kitty garland. The only way to do so is to get up high on the cat perch and swing at it. And the only cat to do that is Bag ... unless by some magical feat, Noodle was able to stretch and balance herself.

So we took down the entire garland to allow Hello Kitty to die with dignity. Bag seemed to play innocent by hanging out with me all morning in between his two pee trips.

Noodle came and went, but eventually settled down in bed to my right after eating breakfast. At one point, she even slept cradled in my arm. It is darling when she comes over for some loving, which she did again this morning on the couch, after disembarking from her first condo. I also got my nose bitten and licked.

Neither one has pooped yet - they have been busy napping all day. We are still anxiously awaiting hers so we can take it in for testing. And that is how we are spending our MLK, Jr holiday!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Loving for Momma...

Was able to catch this cute picture of Noodle giving her Momma some loving.

Noodle is very generous with her cat baths and likes to share with anyone that is within range. Only catch is her tongue is rough so we are "learning to work through the pain."

Lazing Around with the Kids

We spent today much like the babies - lazing around, napping, and just hanging out. Noodle pooped early this morning - good to get that out of the way.

This morning while Dave was out, Bag and Noodle hung out with me in the bedroom for a few - giving me one of several facials throughout the day. Then they tired of that and played in the living room. Since they ignored my calls to them, I eventually came out to the living room to find them romping around.

Noodle was the first to nap (in the closet) which gave us time with Bag. He chose to spend it lazing on the deck in the (cold) sun. It is nice to have that alone time with him. I don't think Noodle really got lost in her nap, because she came out on her own when I went to find her.

They were wrestling but then Noodle settled in the top condo of the cat tree with Bag in the closet. As Dave says, it's been a rough day for them so they need their rest.

Turns out Noodle spent hours sleeping in the top condo while we watched "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull". Bag came out of the closet and chose to sleep on the black couch. It's great to have them both in the visible area nearby.

They are now both awake and have been busy helping Dave in the kitchen. Noodle just pee'd and pooped a healthy one. Bag has decided to rest inside his cat castle.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


After some frolicking and activity, both babies had had enough and crashed for a good portion of the late afternoon and evening. I don't know what Bag's excuse was, but Noodle might have been trying to sleep off the vet visit. Bag chose to crash out in the closet while she was in her cat condo out here with us. There were dogs barking on TV which startled her, so we put her in the closet with her brother to sleep it off.

I went in to visit them and she gave me a facial, right on my eye. It was cute but scratchy.

They are now up and active, though I'm sure they will get all the more active as the night wears on. And of course, it's almost bedtime for us. It does seem that she has recovered from her vet visit well, too.

Noodle pooped just a few minutes earlier, and although it was a good poop, it nevertheless hung on her so Dave got the pleasure of pulling it out. Ah, the joys of parenthood.

Off to the Vet!

Noodle had an active morning, and it's just turning noon now. She started off our morning with a pee trip then joined us in bed for about an hour, cat bathing and giving me several facials on my nose. Bag ate his breakfast while Dave prepped her carrier for her first trip to the vet with us.

She did exceptionally well in the car, both there and back. Dave sat with her in the back, petting her the whole time. She barely meowed and didn't have any accidents.

She was a bit skittish with all of the attention and was shaking quite a bit, but found a little comfort in the sink. But not as much as she normally is when we have friends over at the house (her territory). She grew a bit from her last visit - she is now 5.05 pounds.

She showed Dr. Miller how she grinds her teeth and scoots around. What a showoff! But I'm sure she was glad to have been done. We will be collecting her poop for an exam - that sounds like alot of fun. But if it's for her health and well being, we'll do anything for her, and Bag, too, of course! We also need to keep an eye out for her acne - can't believe our little Noodle has acne.

When we got home, Dave placed her in her cat tree where she stayed for awhile. But although she purred on several occasions, she did scratch my eyelid and hissed at Dave, probably to remind us who is really in charge! They both napped for awhile, and when she got down, she nicely and safely climbed down the ramp. I'm so proud of her. It's like Dave said - it's like watching your child learn to ride the bike for the first time. They have been playing off and on since, toyed with the idea of going out on the deck, but Bag settled for looking out the window. She has pee'd again, and is now looking for some comfort spot while Dave finishes making accomodations to her cat tree.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Cat Tree Progress

Dave put Noodle in the second condo to see if she'd stay and she did! She spent about an hour in it resting. Then she decided she was ready to come down, and we watched her survey the second ramp (her only way down) for awhile. We were pretty nervous, wondering if she was going to jump or not. And then she decided to try the ramp, and she did! Very successfully!

So now she's on top of the first condo. And she has two options down - one is to jump (which we hope she won't) or to go to the lower platform and down the steps. She was on the edge and voila! She turns around, goes down the platform, and down the steps. OMG! I was so happy for her, I am about to cry!

Active & Alert!

Bag greeted me when I got in and Noodle was in her cat castle. At least she was in the living room and didn't run away. She came out when I came over for some cuddles and petting. They are both alert and active, especially now that Bag got fed (almost tripped me in the process, thanks).

Bag for sure pooped during the day but I'm not sure Noodle did. Nevertheless, both of them got their butts wiped. They wrestled a little and I threw her milkring up the first condo to encourage her to climb up the ramp. We did this twice and she successfully manuevered up and down fine. I put her up on the second ramp but she wasn't sure what to do with it. I guess in time...

After sniffing around the back door and deciding not to go out on the deck, they are opting to hunt each other and sit on the window sill instead.

a Little Exploration

I don't know if Noodle explored the cat tree last night because she didn't sleep with us, but this morning after a healthy poop and pee (yeah!), she checked it out a bit more. She made it up the first ramp OK, though I couldn't help but hold her butt as she was going up. Maternal instincts, I guess. She hung out in the first condo for quite a bit while Bag was up above.

Bag spent about five long minutes up there, though I don't think he cares for the wobbliness. We'll have to see about that.

He did go out on the deck for a bit for fresh air. She seemed as if she was headed there, but he didn't stay long.

He is now watching her entertain herself with a bottle cap. She is active and he is alert - I hate that I have to leave soon and miss their antics. Whatever they do today, I hope they don't hurt themselves, especially Noodle on the cat tree.

Wow! Just as I closed out on this entry, she was entertaining herself and with momentum flowing, she ran right up the first ramp on her own with no problems! I didn't see how she got down, though (probably jumped) because now she is on the back platform. And she got there by climbing up on the water bottles. She looked at the second ramp and for a moment, I thought she was going to attempt it, but didn't. I am so proud of her!

She's still sitting on the back platform watching her brother play with his hanging mouse. She is headed to investigate.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Cat Tree is Here!

Well, the BIGGEST cat toy we've ever bought - 74" cat tree - arrived today! It came at noon during my work call but Dave assembled it tonight. Interestingly, Bag didn't take too much interest in it. He usually supervises Dave with these types of projects. He didn't even play with the big ol box it came in. Perhaps he is full and sleepy from eating dinner.

Noodle hid under the couch while Dave was putting it together. Too much noise and movement for her, I guess. She is always skittish like that. But Dave got her out and helped her move around in it. She needs time on it but she took to it more than Bag has so far. Bag simply just jumps down after a few minutes. He is sleeping right now.

So far, she likes the little hanging cat toy. Once or twice she has made it up the first ramp but not from the ground, more like halfway up. We'll see what later tonight brings and tomorrow.

It's All About the Noodle

Last night after a couple of attempts, Noodle stayed in bed and slept the night with us. (She had to get some of her energy out, first.) She gave us facials - I was fortunate to have gotten most of them since I was in between her and Dave. Somehow in the morning when we woke, she had moved the two of us over to one side of the bed and she had taken up HALF the bed. I guess even in our sleep, she has us trained. I got more facials this morning, too.

Bag came and joined us early this morning after his pee trip. She was active after hers (no poop yet). They romped around then he went to poop. I must have startled him because there wasn't anything in the litterbox but then he went back in after I left. Bag has settled down - probably due to his breakfast and some time out on the deck.

Noodle heard a dog barking somewhere out front and hid under the black couch, though she didn't run towards it. She came back out with a little coaxing, spent some time looking out the window, while Bag napped in his day bed.

She went to the litterbox twice late this morning. There was nothing in the first try (I wonder if I startled her) and then she peed and pooped (just one piece, tho) on the second try. I don't know if she's done or if she will attempt another.

Dave came home a bit for lunch - she didn't run away as much. But when the delivery guy knocked on the door, she bolted! Bag, on the other hand, was helpful. What added to this was I was on a conference call, too. But this was their cat tree that got delivered, so it was worth it. I found her hiding under the black couch but she came out just afterwards.

So while I worked, they played, ate, and rested. As I type this, she willingly came up to the couch and joined me. She sat on my lap for at least an hour! That was so amazing - I was SO afraid to move or even breathe. She gave me several facials and the honor of holding her the entire hour, which made typing with one hand a whole lot of fun. I was saddened that I had to get up to leave.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Such Activity!

I'm home today and boy, have I been in for a treat. Since this morning when she pooped at 6am, they have both been active - chasing and taunting each other, wrestling, looking out the window, and peeing and pooping (Noodle, again at 9am). In one of their chases, one of them (I suspect Noodle but can't be sure) ran into the hallway closet door, which was closed. I don't think it hurt and it sure sounded funny.

Bag realizes that he can get away from her if he jumps up high, so as long as I'm home, I help him down so he is fair game with her.

Thanks to the baby monitor, I heard one of them in the litterbox when I was in the middle of my shower. When I checked, I couldn't really tell who had gone to do what. The piece of poop looked like Bag's but the pee looked like Noodle's. I suspect that it was Bag because the litterbox scratching wasn't very long - Noodle takes forever in there.

Bag has been going out onto the deck, then immediately returning in. And then out again. And back in. Noodle can't seem to make sense of him. He even collided with her on one of his trips in.

She just finished eating and has come bounding out of the bathroom and right into her brother.

I sure am glad there are two of them to keep each other company, especially when we are gone though I don't know how much they interact then.

Bag greeted me at the door when I returned this afternoon but I found Noodle in the closet. She came out though after a few scratches. They resumed their playing, and Bag settled down on his bed, while Noodle is in the cat castle. They are so cute when they settle down together.

They napped all afternoon and only got active again around 8pm. They didn't play too much with each other but that's because they had both Mommy and Daddy at their whim. They've now settled down again, except Noodle has found a new sleeping spot - atop our askew lap tray.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Beauty rest...

I had so much fun chasing my Brother, but I just gotta lay down for a minute and rest. I'm so sleepy ... must take a moment and ...

They're BOTH Needy!

Just when I think Bag isn't as needy anymore, he throws me another one. When I got home today, he was right there on the other side of the garage door meowing incessantly. I had to block him with my bag to keep him from running into the garage. He followed me around, not giving me a moment to do anything.

The trick is to keep Noodle company while getting Bag into the bathroom to eat. She is good natured about that, and not sure if she understands what's happeninig but once Baggie is eating, I get to spend some time with her. She had been in her newly arranged cat castle when I got in, so that was great that she wasn't hiding in the closet.

Then later tonite, Bag is back at it, asking for treats and then sniffing my little corn niblets. That kid is going to get fat, I say! At least Noodle will chase him around and keep him slim.

His neediness and constant begging for food remind me of his brother Tigger. It's interesting to see how Noodle has taken on Bag's role who has taken on Tigger's role who had taken on Tetley's (his older brother) role. Kids!

24 Hrs Later ...

Noodle continues to be a handful and Bag, well ... as long as he gets his food and some time for his nap, he is OK. They wrestled, napped, wrestled, napped. What a life. Bag greeted me when I returned home yesterday and a little later, there was a sleepy-eyed Noodle sitting around the corner. There has been no Noodle poop since yesterday morning, so if she goes while we're gone, let's hope for a good one.

I guess I better let Bag out of the bathroom now, assuming he has finished eating away from his sister, who is now on the window sill.

Oh, I forgot to mention that this past weekend, we dumped our box springs because the new mattress we got elevated the height tremendously, so poor Noodle had a hard time getting up, even with the stairs and add-ons. She certainly now rules the house. She is also great at self-entertainment - talented!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Early AM Activities

It's creeping up on 8am now and the kids have been active! They were, at the very least, chasing each other last night to where the crinkle tunnel found its way into the bedroom hallway (so we got to listen to it). Then this morning, it looked safe for Bag to get his breakfast since Noodle was atop the couch looking out the window but she came down instantly when she saw he was getting attention.

She pee'd just as I was finishing brushing my teeth, and was chased into the bathroom by her brother. Just a little after 7, I heard someone scratching the litterbox just as I shut down the shower water. And of course, Murphy's Law, it was her pooping. It was a good poop but sure made me rush around.

They resumed their chasing and wrestling, but seemed to have calmed down a little. At least I hope so - she is in the bedroom looking out the window and Bag is hanging here on the floor. I need to get going so I hope they are settling down.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Except that ...

Noodle DID poop, somehow unsupervised! Dave found her poop when he was cleaning the litterbox tonight just before retiring for the night. So we have been trying to trace back to when she (sneakily) went off and pooped. We can only guess that it was during my shower break and the movie we had on, blaring pretty loud...although her kicking the litterbox around is in and of itself pretty loud already.

She slept all afternoon in their newly-rearranged castle condo. We finally got her out to play just before bedtime, although she still found time to nap some more. And at 11pm, she was back at the litterbox, peeing and pooping.

She's back in the castle and Bag is staring straight into the crinkle tunnel. Hopefully one of them will find their way to sleep with us tonite.

Holding Out on Poop!

So today was another blissful day with the kids...We were waiting for noodle to poop and then we were going to go out shopping...except she never did..she is going on 38+ hours now with no poop. So we never did go shopping.

Noodle slept most of the day and Bag was off and on napping as well.

Mom and Dad watched Star Wars 4,5 & 6 and just relaxed and enjoyed what was left of the weekend.

My Chai!!

Noodle has been her old self since the last blog, except no pee or poopy. Bag, however, has outdone himself. In his classic way, he asked for food this morning. In preparing my breakfast, he decided that he was going to share counter space with me to remind me that he needed food. But what he doesn't realize when he jumped up is that there isn't enough space for the two of us, so he steps in my cup of chai! So there goes my chai! Boy, was I upset ... ! But how can I be mad at such a cute face?

After I recovered, it was his sister's turn to help me out by sitting on the paper as I tried to read it. What to do with these two...

Noodle has been trying to nap off and on now, and Bag is just roaming around. KIDS!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

At Play

Both the babies took turns resting and playing this evening, sometimes alone and sometimes together. They were helpful when I was doing laundry, too. She did sleep on the couch while we were surfing - she hardly comes up on the couch so we definitely enjoy it when she does. We don't breathe for fear she'll leave.

Dave moved some of their furniture around, and Bag hung out in the "new" castle condo for some time. Noodle chose to harass him when he did.

Most recently, they were both out on the deck. Noodle stayed out longer than Bag. She was checking out the deck chairs...we might have to do some rearranging.

Bag then jumped all the way to the top of the fridge, and of course, Noodle was curious. Dave let her up - supervised, of course. I wonder what must have been going through her mind. She certainly didn't meow at all.

This is a good sign for us because we just ordered a 74" cat tree for them. We had a hard time deciding, since they seem to play with the littlest things that we never would have thought of. But we hope that the height and coziness will be appealing to them. Otherwise, we'll be looking for a buyer!

They are now resting in between romps. The night is young at 1108 pm!

Small Changes

Noodle saw a few changes last night and today, none that bothered Bag, though. We did some moving around of the furniture - all for her benefit, and cleaned the house some - there are cat toys and cat hair ALL over the place! Though she didn't immediately scurry off, she didn't stick around much to see the action.

But she did settle down enough to poop last night at 10 and again this early morning at 6. She and Bag were wrestling and chasing all morning before we headed out. She was atop the black couch when we walked in - good that she didn't run because of the entry noises. They are now relaxing before the evening's activities, I'm sure.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Playful and Shy

Both babies were pretty active this morning. It's almost as if they gained strength over night! Bag got to eat his breakfast while Noodle chased her bottle caps around. Only Bag pee'd this morning, so I'm expecting some sort of activity from Noodle when we get home. It was funny when I opened the bathroom door, there they were, in mid-play action from the wrestling, just frozen because Momma caught them.

I hate leaving them, especially when they are that playful. But the money to buy their food has to come from somewhere!

We stopped in tonight for just a few minutes before going out again. Dave checked the litterbox - apparently Noodle was busy! It appeared as if she had gone, at least twice. That's good but darn it! I was hoping that at least one of us would be home for her multiple poop trips. Her butt was clean and we checked the house (per usual) but it's that clean freak in me that wishes I had been home when she went. I just have to get used to this.

She was in the closet and came out to meet our friend again but she remains skittish around people, even with us when we first arrive home. Bag, on the other hand, was just waiting for his food, which he got.

We were out again for a couple of hours during which time Bag had peed. She is slowly waking up, hanging out in the living room and cat bathing. She just came down from the window sill. Let's see what these two have in mind.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


There's always some sort of activity with these two. There was peeing (both) and pooping (Bag only) this morning, with alot of chasing and wrestling. Then Dave noticed that someone is picking at the food bowl - removing the caviar bits to get to a few of the evo pieces. So there were caviar bits near the food bowl in the bathroom. Once I had seen Bag do that with the main bowl out front but Noodle eats the food bowl in the bathroom mainly, and especially at night. So I have no idea who this is.


But how can anyone be upset at those darling little faces? Both of them are now on the window sill, Noodle in the living room and Bag in the bedroom. I'm sure this serenity won't last long.

Dave was the first to arrive home today and found no pee or poop, which means Noodle will probably poop when we are ready to go to sleep! They have been wrestling with Bag resting more than Noodle. They both like catching the bottle water caps and milk rings. It's funny when they both go for the same one. There will be plenty more opportunities to play!

And true to her schedule for the past few days, she peed and pooped at 1045pm. We had retired for the night but there she was, in the litterbox. Right now, they are just both hanging out in the living room ... rejuvenating, I'm sure.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's all about the FOOD!

The kids were playing again last night but Bag eventually found his way to bed (he was sleeping on me when I awoke). I went to the living room to look for Noodle and found her resting on the black couch - second day in a row. I am so impressed with her but can't help to think that she goes in these phases where she absolutely hangs out in one area to death, and then finds a new space. Oh well, Noodle does as Noodle wants. In fact, don't all cats?

They played and Bag pooped. I didn't stay home long to wait for Noodle to do her thing - life can pass me by as I sit there and wait! I certainly didn't want to leave them again this morning but if I make it in early, I can get out early. I have no doubt that they will find things to busy themselves with.

Dave stopped by the house around lunchtime and Noodle had pooped and peed. Her butt was clean but she got the wipe anyway. When I got home this afternoon, Bag came out to greet me but I think it was for food. I went to find Noodle in the closet. They played a bit, but Bag was primarily focused on getting some food. He sure gets needy.

We ran out on errands tonite and Noodle settled down into the closet, where we retrieved her. Bag asked for food again (it's almost like he doesn't eat, geez!) but has settled down to nap next to her. I'm sure they'll be back at it soon.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Another Day without M&D

We woke up to Bag sleeping with us, and I found Noodle hanging out on the black couch. She appeared to have been sleeping. Amazingly, she was ON the couch, rather than atop it. After some eating, moving around, and just generally being active, she is now hidden on the window sill.

Bag had a mellow morning, eating and peeing. He is just hanging out now, but anything can happen.

I got home around 515 and was pleasantly surprised to see Noodle had peed and pooped (at least the evidence pointed to her) sometime during the day and even more so, that there weren't any accidents or trails of poop. Her butt was clean when I checked and wiped.

After checking the litterbox, I rounded the corner and there they both were, just hanging out. I don't know how long they had been there or if they just emerged from the closet, but they are a sight for sore eyes.

They were clearly energetic - they have taken turns chasing each other, loudly around the house, too. I have to be sure to get out of their way!

Bag and Noodle went out on the deck a bit but the wind is blowing nicely and loudly which scared her then him back in. After some more repeated requests for food, Bag gave up and chose to nap in the bedroom while Noodle hung out here with us.

After his nap, the two wrestled off and on, and as we retired for the night, they were doing their own thing ... Bag roaming the house and Noodle on the window sill. But at 1045, Noodle went to poop - it was a small poop so I don't know if I interrupted her or if she'll go again soon. Bag got off his cat castle to wrestle with her but she is now back on the window sill, which is usually a safe time to close out for the night, except that as I closed out this entry, here she is ... the huntress!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Party on the Deck!

Noodle amazed us tonite. We were getting ready to retire for the night, when Bag decided he wanted out on the deck for some fresh air, I guess. As he headed out, Noodle comes following along, and after some thought, nonchalantly makes her way out onto the deck! We had never expected! Once Dave took her outside with him but she did not enjoy that trip. My, how times have changed!

Bag chased her back in but they went back out again later ... and again. It's now 1015 pm and although WE are ready for bed, they apparently are not.

That is absolutely great that she went out on the deck on her own. We never figured it would be so soon. She sure works on Noodle time. We are now trying to figure out a way to make the window sill grip better for her to climb up. We hope the material we laid out will work for her.

At 11pm, she went to pee but not poop (bummer) although Bag did. She went on her way to doing her usual non-sleep Noodle activities.

Too Much!!

I can only guess what the babies did while we were gone but the house was very quiet when I got in. Bag greeted me, and as I rounded the corner, there was Noodle! I'm so proud of her each and every day as she appears to get comfortable with us and our weird schedules. She only peed today while we were gone, so we anxiously await the poop.

We played for a bit but Bag sure was needy with his requests for food, so he was sequestered in the bathroom eating while she played paws under the door. I feel for her, withholding her soft food but it's clear that her little tummy and butt can't handle it.

Dave came home a short time later and put together the "thing in a bag" toy that I had picked up. While the motor wasn't very loud and while Bag moved towards it with alot of caution (he later was trying to open the bag), Noodle was not having it. Although she didn't run away, she was not keen about being placed near it. Dave cuddled with her, and when he put her down, she found her way towards the hallway and bedroom. I guess that toy is going back!

She didn't even play with the blue feather stick that I also got ... and not even the green stick which she usually plays with.

To add to this commotion, the Comcast guy came knocking on the door, which sent her straight to the bedroom closet. After he left, I hung out with her and she did purr (eventually). And then Dave had left and returned with dinner. Too many things were going on for her to take! It took a whole lot of coaxing tonight by the two of us to get her out. She helped me put water in the fridge and eventually played with her green stick and crinkle tunnel.

She is now napping under the pub table like yesterday while Bag is roaming around. Bag is, by the way, breaking into his other mouse toy.

We are learning that while she likes toys, she only likes what she can control. She likes the laser pointer alright because it doesn't make any noise and too small of a dot to be intimidating. I think we'll stick with the green feather stick and crinkle tunnel for now.

Too Much Energy!

The kids didn't let up last night. Noodle excellently pee'd and pooped at 11, then they proceeded to play. They continue to go at each other this morning (so early!). In fact, at one time, they did a flying leap towards each other in their wrestling - it was funny and cute to watch.

Unfortunately I have to get to work (holiday vacation is over - sad!) and I'm already looking forward to coming home.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tricky Noodle!

So this morning about 430am, we hear someone in the litterbox and of course, it turns out to be Noodle. Dave goes to check her and it's the second false alarm; turns out she was just hanging out in there, or at least playing. Not fun for that time in the morning! We hope this is not the start of some trend.

At 630am, she is at it again and this time, it's the real deal. She pees and poops a good one, and although she is brought to bed, she is energetic and quickly scampers away. Bag is with me and sleeps right through her activities.

At 7am, we hear her again. What gives? Visions of a stomachache and diarrhea go through my head, but apparently she had forgotten to poop one more poop. Again, she is playful and shows no signs of letting up, though she is more apt to hang out in bed now.

All morning they have taken turns being energetic and playful. They romped around again, picking up where they left off but as I type this, Bag is resting in his cardboard box and she is guarding her crinkle tunnel ... which she has successfully flattened. Alas, it's only 1pm so we'll see what the rest of the day holds.

It's now 830pm and both have napped most of the afternoon, with a few awake moments here and there. Noodle has decided to sleep under our pub table now, which is great for us because it's in the living room but surprising because it affords no intimate closure (we are also in the midst of selling it so if anyone's interested, let us know). They are, however, fully awake now and chasing the laser pointer in between sniffing each other. I'm sure they will wait till it's our bedtime before they start getting really active! Noodle started making these "excited" type of sounds - a crossover between a squeak, pip, and meow, as she used all of her energy to chase that darn laser pointer. We have never heard that sound from her before.

Bag was biting and pawing Dave as he laid in his cardboard box with Noodle focusing on them - so cute!

Bag is now thinking about jumping on the window sill but Noodle is hunting him from atop the couch. Tonite we padded the back end of the futon, in the event she loses her balance and falls back there. For such a little 5 pounder, she sure is feisty. In true Noodle form, she just chased him off!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Waiting for Noodle

I definitely find that my life and schedule of activities have centered around Noodle since her arrival. We had to run errands today but I did so very hesitantly because she hasn't pooped since the last blog entry (going on about 36 hrs now). We thought she was going to poop at 430 this morning but it was only a pee. And at 830am, it was a false alarm.

She didn't sleep much yesterday so I was hoping she would sleep in last night but didn't - she and Bag were active off and on while we tried to get some sleep. She was atop the black couch again. We saw her climb up there a couple of times. I stayed up with them for about an hour at 330 just playing - too bad we don't have a nanny cam set up (yet) to see what they do when we aren't watching.

They napped when we were out and it takes her awhile to get going again. Although I tried to keep her interest with the green feather stick, in the end, she migrated back to the closet, but not before hunting Bag a real good one where he jumped about a foot high and back! It was hilarious.

Dave brought them both out and both are hanging out in the living room as I type this. We'll see what the evening brings.

We soon found out what the evening brought, for sure. They must have stored up tons of energy because they were chasing and hunting each other without barely a moment's rest. First it was in the living room then in the hallway. First it was Noodle then Bag instigating. They played right up into 11pm when we retired for the night, but not them! They continued on and we could hear some shuffling still. Bag eventually made his way to bed while Noodle settled atop the black couch again.

Another fun-filled day with the kids!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Post New Year's afternoon

I couldn't believe but Noodle and I played together nonstop from 1030 this morning until Dave came home around 415. Thank goodness for the green feather stick and the crinkle tunnel! But I won't have too many of these days so I certainly enjoy the time with them both.

She still is startled when someone comes home. I guess she still isn't used to the doors opening and closing, although this time she took a step as if she was going to run away when Dave arrived but she remained in the living room, nevertheless. She did start to wind down and ended up napping for at least three hours under the dining table.

Bag was off and on napping here and there but got some treats in while she napped.

Just awhile ago, she awoke and let the games begin (again!). She got her claws trimmed a bit and then proceeded to wrestle a bit with Bag in the cardboard box. She is now in the crinkle tunnel looking out one end. I caught her eyeing under the couch, where she had tried to escape to three times today. She's been great about not hanging out there these past few weeks; she has all these toys and the full run of the house, I hope she doesn't return to hiding.

Post New Year's

So as it turns out, Noodle has found another sleeping place - atop the black couch looking out the window. This would be fine, except that she hangs out there when we all head to bed for the night. For the past two nights, she has not slept with us, choosing instead to quietly climb her way up the throw and hang out atop the couch. We will have to pad the back end of the couch for fear that she may lose her balance and fall, although she does look stable up there (maybe as stable as Noodle gets).

I am home again with them and they have kept me going. This morning it was cute to watch them both sleep then when it was time to wake, Noodle gave Bag a cat bath atop his head. Bag didn't flinch ... more like he was tolerating it.

I perhaps only got 2 pages read in my book. When my tea and toast were done, she decided I needed to take care of her litterbox needs. So I waited for her to finish her "thang". One of her poop had fallen off but the second one was still hanging. It eventually fell off when she moved around, thank goodness in the litterbox, though.

I moved in to pet her but she turned around and went back to the litterbox to do more digging. I petted her afterwards and picked her up for her butt wipe. She was not happy, of course, but I got in a couple of wipes. Her butt hair is growing back too, which made it difficult to check. She squirmed and meowed, while I got some claw marks to remind myself of today.

After she was done, she waited in the hallway while her brother pee'd. I guess if the litterbox needs cleaning, why not get it all in, huh? All that was missing was Bag's poop.

Bag has been asking for food alot today. He acts as if he is going to starve to death. I hope he understands that he gets the wet food and kitty treats too, and she doesn't. He jumped up on the island counter to join me in my toast but was quickly helped down. On his second try, he misjudged and slipped on the napkin, and fell back down. It wasn't very graceful and I shouldn't laugh, but it's another of Bag's antics.

They continued to wrestle, in between some Bag naps, though Noodle was clearly more energetic. Noodle and I played with her ball chaser and her crinkle tunnel (which she is playing with more, but not the cuddle coil yet) for a good half hour, too.

Bag went outside on the deck once but as it was cold, so he didn't stay very long. She continues to hunt him, and earlier, she had swiped his tail when he was sitting on the window sill and she atop the couch. That startled him, which startled her and she moved like lightning off the couch.

They were eyeing each other on the black couch on top of the couch now watching the rain. She has since climbed down and sat in front of the fireplace. She came over after a few minutes for some petting and purring and cat bathed my hand. She now seems engrossed in her own cat bath.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day toys!

Bag was the first to wake this New Year's afternoon. He ate and hung out with us. It's nice to have that alone time with him.

Around 530, there was a knock at the door and lo and behold, it was the toy delivery! So Dave went to get Noodle and we all opened up the box. As expected, they - especially Bag - liked the box more than the contents. Noodle primarily explored the crinkle tunnel. They both just sniffed the cuddle coil. Only when Dave poured some catnip in the tunnel did they really get active with it.

After too much playing, they retired back to the closet for a couple hours' nap. They are both back out, courtesy of their Daddy. I don't know how long they'll stay - this is usually their sleepy time.

New Year's Day!

Happy New Year everyone, from the four of us! It is a GREAT New Year with the babies. What a way to end '08 and start '09. We are starting out with alot of Noodle energy, chasing and wrestling with her brother, testing Momma and Daddy's play skills, and running circles in the house.

She pooped a good, hard, quality-poop at 11am again. Let's hope this pattern continues, although normally, we both would be at work so if she had poop stuck to her butt or a runny poop, we would be SOL!

When she and Bag wrestle, she does this cute little thing where her mouth is left hanging. I think given the size and the battle, she pants more than he does, so her hanging mouth is a pretty cute sight. We are trying to capture that on photo. We're learning that Noodle tends to hang out in the living room when we are sitting on the floor with her. Otherwise, she gives up and goes to the bedroom closet.

It's noon now so they are entering their afternoon nap phase. She is in the hallway closet while he is in the bedroom closet. I assume they will both be out for the rest of the afternoon.