Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Chai!!

Noodle has been her old self since the last blog, except no pee or poopy. Bag, however, has outdone himself. In his classic way, he asked for food this morning. In preparing my breakfast, he decided that he was going to share counter space with me to remind me that he needed food. But what he doesn't realize when he jumped up is that there isn't enough space for the two of us, so he steps in my cup of chai! So there goes my chai! Boy, was I upset ... ! But how can I be mad at such a cute face?

After I recovered, it was his sister's turn to help me out by sitting on the paper as I tried to read it. What to do with these two...

Noodle has been trying to nap off and on now, and Bag is just roaming around. KIDS!

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