Tuesday, January 13, 2009

They're BOTH Needy!

Just when I think Bag isn't as needy anymore, he throws me another one. When I got home today, he was right there on the other side of the garage door meowing incessantly. I had to block him with my bag to keep him from running into the garage. He followed me around, not giving me a moment to do anything.

The trick is to keep Noodle company while getting Bag into the bathroom to eat. She is good natured about that, and not sure if she understands what's happeninig but once Baggie is eating, I get to spend some time with her. She had been in her newly arranged cat castle when I got in, so that was great that she wasn't hiding in the closet.

Then later tonite, Bag is back at it, asking for treats and then sniffing my little corn niblets. That kid is going to get fat, I say! At least Noodle will chase him around and keep him slim.

His neediness and constant begging for food remind me of his brother Tigger. It's interesting to see how Noodle has taken on Bag's role who has taken on Tigger's role who had taken on Tetley's (his older brother) role. Kids!

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