Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cat Food!

Noodle, despite her small frame and size, is one mighty little kitty with ALOT of CATTITUDE! She pooped last night at 1030 just around bedtime then again at 630 this morning and 130 this afternoon, with a pee trip in between. I don't know what she did at night, but after a few attempts by Dave, she slept with us this morning. Never mind the awkward position my arm was in to cradle her ... as long as she is comfortable!

They both wrestled around this morning with a few cat chases in between. We have been calling around for her feline caviar cat food. It's such a specialty that no one carries it so we have to special order it. In fact, the only place that carried it the last time we got it is near my office across the water, so we are having one of our friends stop by and check to see if they have it (they weren't answering). In the meantime, we had to order two bags and are now scrimping to see if the remaining food will last till the orders arrive.

We are absolutely hesitant to change her cat food, given the soft poop incident the last time. I don't know if they both like the caviar but I am always replenishing the bowls every day. There's a little bit of the Innova Evo in it too, which they don't seem to have a negative reaction to (but it's in such small quantities). Wouldn't it be great if she could eat food that was accessible??!!

Of course, we love them to death, so we'll do what it takes. They are so darling and precious, how can anyone NOT love them? Especially as they are napping away? She is getting more comfortable with navigating the cat tree, too, on her own. Love them kids!

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