Friday, January 2, 2009

Post New Year's afternoon

I couldn't believe but Noodle and I played together nonstop from 1030 this morning until Dave came home around 415. Thank goodness for the green feather stick and the crinkle tunnel! But I won't have too many of these days so I certainly enjoy the time with them both.

She still is startled when someone comes home. I guess she still isn't used to the doors opening and closing, although this time she took a step as if she was going to run away when Dave arrived but she remained in the living room, nevertheless. She did start to wind down and ended up napping for at least three hours under the dining table.

Bag was off and on napping here and there but got some treats in while she napped.

Just awhile ago, she awoke and let the games begin (again!). She got her claws trimmed a bit and then proceeded to wrestle a bit with Bag in the cardboard box. She is now in the crinkle tunnel looking out one end. I caught her eyeing under the couch, where she had tried to escape to three times today. She's been great about not hanging out there these past few weeks; she has all these toys and the full run of the house, I hope she doesn't return to hiding.

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