Saturday, January 17, 2009

Off to the Vet!

Noodle had an active morning, and it's just turning noon now. She started off our morning with a pee trip then joined us in bed for about an hour, cat bathing and giving me several facials on my nose. Bag ate his breakfast while Dave prepped her carrier for her first trip to the vet with us.

She did exceptionally well in the car, both there and back. Dave sat with her in the back, petting her the whole time. She barely meowed and didn't have any accidents.

She was a bit skittish with all of the attention and was shaking quite a bit, but found a little comfort in the sink. But not as much as she normally is when we have friends over at the house (her territory). She grew a bit from her last visit - she is now 5.05 pounds.

She showed Dr. Miller how she grinds her teeth and scoots around. What a showoff! But I'm sure she was glad to have been done. We will be collecting her poop for an exam - that sounds like alot of fun. But if it's for her health and well being, we'll do anything for her, and Bag, too, of course! We also need to keep an eye out for her acne - can't believe our little Noodle has acne.

When we got home, Dave placed her in her cat tree where she stayed for awhile. But although she purred on several occasions, she did scratch my eyelid and hissed at Dave, probably to remind us who is really in charge! They both napped for awhile, and when she got down, she nicely and safely climbed down the ramp. I'm so proud of her. It's like Dave said - it's like watching your child learn to ride the bike for the first time. They have been playing off and on since, toyed with the idea of going out on the deck, but Bag settled for looking out the window. She has pee'd again, and is now looking for some comfort spot while Dave finishes making accomodations to her cat tree.

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