Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Poop Competition

It's sad to see the (holiday) weekend end, but we got off to a nice start early this morning. I don't know what she does in the middle of the night but this morning around 3 or 4-ish, I saw her emerging from the bathroom and coaxed her to come to bed. Usually she ignores me, but this time she came up and settled down nicely on her pillow. Bag was already with us so it's nice to have the complete family.

I hated having to get up but they both got up with us and were pretty energetic. So she didn't poop at all yesterday but she did this morning at 7am - just in time for me to head to work (thanks alot, Noodle!). It was sad to leave them with all of their antics.

When I did get home around 3, there was nothing in the litterbox but guess WHO was in the top condo of the cat tree? And the same guess WHO made her way down when I wasn't looking. I was so proud of her. I have no idea how she made it up there and would love to be around to see her do it again.

I also brought home a few small cat toys. One was a zig zag ball that no one paid attention to and another was a crinkle ball which Bag immediately made it his. Now that he is bored with it, Noodle doesn't care much for it since Bag's saliva is all over it. Well, that'll teach me to spend $5 randomly on them!

Around 330, somebody decided to poop and pee again. This time, I got to collect it in the tube (woohoo!). But I had some help from Bag, who decided that he needed to poop as well while I was trying to scoop up her poop. All this, and not wanting Bag to miss his chance to go, either. Sigh ... kids! They both had healthy poop (and the smell!) and their butts wiped. Bag definitely needed the wiping!

I ran her poop out to the vet and upon return, they were both staring at each other on the living room floor. I am so proud of her for not hiding in the closet this time around. Hopefully in time she'll be OK when we and our friends come and go. They are still romping and hunting each other, although Bag is intent on asking for more food. He'll have to wait till dinner time.

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