Monday, January 5, 2009

Too Much!!

I can only guess what the babies did while we were gone but the house was very quiet when I got in. Bag greeted me, and as I rounded the corner, there was Noodle! I'm so proud of her each and every day as she appears to get comfortable with us and our weird schedules. She only peed today while we were gone, so we anxiously await the poop.

We played for a bit but Bag sure was needy with his requests for food, so he was sequestered in the bathroom eating while she played paws under the door. I feel for her, withholding her soft food but it's clear that her little tummy and butt can't handle it.

Dave came home a short time later and put together the "thing in a bag" toy that I had picked up. While the motor wasn't very loud and while Bag moved towards it with alot of caution (he later was trying to open the bag), Noodle was not having it. Although she didn't run away, she was not keen about being placed near it. Dave cuddled with her, and when he put her down, she found her way towards the hallway and bedroom. I guess that toy is going back!

She didn't even play with the blue feather stick that I also got ... and not even the green stick which she usually plays with.

To add to this commotion, the Comcast guy came knocking on the door, which sent her straight to the bedroom closet. After he left, I hung out with her and she did purr (eventually). And then Dave had left and returned with dinner. Too many things were going on for her to take! It took a whole lot of coaxing tonight by the two of us to get her out. She helped me put water in the fridge and eventually played with her green stick and crinkle tunnel.

She is now napping under the pub table like yesterday while Bag is roaming around. Bag is, by the way, breaking into his other mouse toy.

We are learning that while she likes toys, she only likes what she can control. She likes the laser pointer alright because it doesn't make any noise and too small of a dot to be intimidating. I think we'll stick with the green feather stick and crinkle tunnel for now.

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