Thursday, January 22, 2009

All Night Long

This little thing we call Noodle made herself comfortable right in the middle of our couch and with her brother last evening, which meant Dave and I had to sit elsewhere in the living room. How dare we think this is our house?

She went almost all day yesterday without pooping but as Noodle would have it, she pooped at 1130, just as we were retiring for the night - of course! And then she was off. Throughout the night, she and her brother pee'd and messed around with the litterbox, which meant Dave got up each time to check. Now that's Daddy love! The litterbox monitor sure got a workout.

Noodle was rustling around near the closet this morning and was ready to start her morning. Bag ate his breakfast while she found toys to busy herself with, then when he was done, the two got down to business. They've settled down some now, with him somewhere in the bedroom and her on the window sill.

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