Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lazing Around with the Kids

We spent today much like the babies - lazing around, napping, and just hanging out. Noodle pooped early this morning - good to get that out of the way.

This morning while Dave was out, Bag and Noodle hung out with me in the bedroom for a few - giving me one of several facials throughout the day. Then they tired of that and played in the living room. Since they ignored my calls to them, I eventually came out to the living room to find them romping around.

Noodle was the first to nap (in the closet) which gave us time with Bag. He chose to spend it lazing on the deck in the (cold) sun. It is nice to have that alone time with him. I don't think Noodle really got lost in her nap, because she came out on her own when I went to find her.

They were wrestling but then Noodle settled in the top condo of the cat tree with Bag in the closet. As Dave says, it's been a rough day for them so they need their rest.

Turns out Noodle spent hours sleeping in the top condo while we watched "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull". Bag came out of the closet and chose to sleep on the black couch. It's great to have them both in the visible area nearby.

They are now both awake and have been busy helping Dave in the kitchen. Noodle just pee'd and pooped a healthy one. Bag has decided to rest inside his cat castle.

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