Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2 Months and Counting!

It occurs to us that this past Saturday was Noodle's two months with us! Woohoo! What a glorious, most wonderful two months. We have the perfect family with sufficient amounts of cuteness and stubbornness in these two babies.

Noodle has made this HER home and Bag has welcomed her nicely. Our lives and schedules revolve around them, as it should! They share toys although they will hunt and chase each other like no one's business. I'd like to think they watch out for each other - I mean, they haven't hurt one another.

Noodle has been pooping well. Since we have to be at work most of the time, we have had to hope she has healthy ones and so far, despite a few incidents, she has. Bag pooped this morning before I left, but it looked like she did during the day.

Noodle clawed her way up to the top condo and napped while Bag roamed around. They are now awake and beginning their evening activities.

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