Sunday, January 11, 2009

Except that ...

Noodle DID poop, somehow unsupervised! Dave found her poop when he was cleaning the litterbox tonight just before retiring for the night. So we have been trying to trace back to when she (sneakily) went off and pooped. We can only guess that it was during my shower break and the movie we had on, blaring pretty loud...although her kicking the litterbox around is in and of itself pretty loud already.

She slept all afternoon in their newly-rearranged castle condo. We finally got her out to play just before bedtime, although she still found time to nap some more. And at 11pm, she was back at the litterbox, peeing and pooping.

She's back in the castle and Bag is staring straight into the crinkle tunnel. Hopefully one of them will find their way to sleep with us tonite.

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