Saturday, January 31, 2009

Back to Noodle Normal

Noodle had not pooped since her last incident involving the bath, but 36 hrs later, she appears to be back to normal. She just pooped a somewhat healthy one, and then again about 45 minutes later. Perhaps she was "collecting". Hopefully she is OK.

The two of them have had a semi-active morning. After a few hours of sleep with us (Bag mainly, Noodle was out and about in the living room), they took turns wrestling and hunting each other. I had a health exam this morning so while Bag was curiously helping the visitor, Noodle tucked herself under the couch. Earlier we were cleaning and they didn't care much for the vacuuming.

Though things returned to normal, it took awhile to get Noodle out of hiding from under the cat tree to resume her normal Noodle activities. They are now pawing at each other on the window sill, getting some sun. Bag has been outside a few times on the deck, checking out the view.

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