Monday, January 26, 2009

Monitoring Litter

Well, Noodle has had several litterbox trips, mainly pee but she finally pooped this morning (after 30 hrs of waiting). Bag earlier pooped a healthy one and definitely needed a butt wipe.

Dave set up a camera in the litter room to help us identify which baby is using it. We are not yet proficient in figuring out who scratches how. If it's Bag, he is usually pretty good about his litter and so needs less maintenance. Noodle, on the other hand, always keeps us on our toes.

This morning she has been busy hanging out on the window sill while Bag played with his hanging mouse and rested in the hallway. He has already had his breakfast but has been asking for treats. As I was clearing dishes, I did see her give the top of his head a bath. It was cute.

She got off the window sill and eventually found her way up on the cat tree. She almost made it up to the top perch on her own but decided now wasn't her moment, so she settled for the second to the top platform. Although I left her alone to try, after it was obvious that she was done, I went over and helped her up on the top condo, which she can do once she figures it out. From there, she made it up to the top perch and hung out for a few minutes. She got down wonderfully and safely on her own, using the ramps and platforms without suicide jumps. We are so proud of how she is using her surroundings to move around.

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