Friday, January 2, 2009

Post New Year's

So as it turns out, Noodle has found another sleeping place - atop the black couch looking out the window. This would be fine, except that she hangs out there when we all head to bed for the night. For the past two nights, she has not slept with us, choosing instead to quietly climb her way up the throw and hang out atop the couch. We will have to pad the back end of the couch for fear that she may lose her balance and fall, although she does look stable up there (maybe as stable as Noodle gets).

I am home again with them and they have kept me going. This morning it was cute to watch them both sleep then when it was time to wake, Noodle gave Bag a cat bath atop his head. Bag didn't flinch ... more like he was tolerating it.

I perhaps only got 2 pages read in my book. When my tea and toast were done, she decided I needed to take care of her litterbox needs. So I waited for her to finish her "thang". One of her poop had fallen off but the second one was still hanging. It eventually fell off when she moved around, thank goodness in the litterbox, though.

I moved in to pet her but she turned around and went back to the litterbox to do more digging. I petted her afterwards and picked her up for her butt wipe. She was not happy, of course, but I got in a couple of wipes. Her butt hair is growing back too, which made it difficult to check. She squirmed and meowed, while I got some claw marks to remind myself of today.

After she was done, she waited in the hallway while her brother pee'd. I guess if the litterbox needs cleaning, why not get it all in, huh? All that was missing was Bag's poop.

Bag has been asking for food alot today. He acts as if he is going to starve to death. I hope he understands that he gets the wet food and kitty treats too, and she doesn't. He jumped up on the island counter to join me in my toast but was quickly helped down. On his second try, he misjudged and slipped on the napkin, and fell back down. It wasn't very graceful and I shouldn't laugh, but it's another of Bag's antics.

They continued to wrestle, in between some Bag naps, though Noodle was clearly more energetic. Noodle and I played with her ball chaser and her crinkle tunnel (which she is playing with more, but not the cuddle coil yet) for a good half hour, too.

Bag went outside on the deck once but as it was cold, so he didn't stay very long. She continues to hunt him, and earlier, she had swiped his tail when he was sitting on the window sill and she atop the couch. That startled him, which startled her and she moved like lightning off the couch.

They were eyeing each other on the black couch on top of the couch now watching the rain. She has since climbed down and sat in front of the fireplace. She came over after a few minutes for some petting and purring and cat bathed my hand. She now seems engrossed in her own cat bath.

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nancy said...

Hi Kim - say, I would not worry about Noodle falling off of things - if she can climb up, she is going to do fine. Those handy little claws she used on you will help her catch herself if she starts to slip, and at worst if she tumbles off a couch or similar thing she is not going to get hurt. I think you can relax on that :) Nancy