Sunday, January 25, 2009

Snow ... Again?

Noodle was in her usual form last night and today. She pooped at 230 in the morning and although she wasn't with us after that, she did somehow come to bed early this morning. I got not one, but two, sets of facials from her and some loving bites on my fingers. She didn't really nap but more like took some down time in between playing.

Bag got his breakfast while she scooted around the house, just generally being curious. She and Bag took turns watching the snow fall a bit but they weren't into it too much this time. There was some wrestling going on, but they look like they are settling down now.

Noodle is becoming much more verse on the cat tree. Although she has not yet made it all the way up to the top perches on her own, she has come very close. You can see the fire in her eyes to make it up there, the strength in her front paws, and the determination in those 5 pounds. It's tempting to help her but we've given her space to learn. I am sure she has fallen when we weren't looking but apparently it hasn't stopped her. Bag doesn't get on the cat tree much, and definitely not on the top perches. We think it's because he's a big boy and his movements make the tree wobble. That's OK - he can get high up atop the fridge where she can't so it's only fair.

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