Friday, January 9, 2009

Playful and Shy

Both babies were pretty active this morning. It's almost as if they gained strength over night! Bag got to eat his breakfast while Noodle chased her bottle caps around. Only Bag pee'd this morning, so I'm expecting some sort of activity from Noodle when we get home. It was funny when I opened the bathroom door, there they were, in mid-play action from the wrestling, just frozen because Momma caught them.

I hate leaving them, especially when they are that playful. But the money to buy their food has to come from somewhere!

We stopped in tonight for just a few minutes before going out again. Dave checked the litterbox - apparently Noodle was busy! It appeared as if she had gone, at least twice. That's good but darn it! I was hoping that at least one of us would be home for her multiple poop trips. Her butt was clean and we checked the house (per usual) but it's that clean freak in me that wishes I had been home when she went. I just have to get used to this.

She was in the closet and came out to meet our friend again but she remains skittish around people, even with us when we first arrive home. Bag, on the other hand, was just waiting for his food, which he got.

We were out again for a couple of hours during which time Bag had peed. She is slowly waking up, hanging out in the living room and cat bathing. She just came down from the window sill. Let's see what these two have in mind.

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