Friday, January 30, 2009

On Our Toes

The kids just have to do whatever it takes to keep us on our toes, no matter what time it is. Both babies appeared to go all day without any poop. Bag must have been gathering it in his big belly because he let out a healthy and smelly one in the evening! Whoo!

Then Noodle went just before midnight as we were retiring for the night. She pooped a clean one, and we thought we were done. But at 1230am, there she was again, scratching. And this time, she decided that she needed to clean her butt too, so she stepped in her poop and got it all over her rear paw and butt. That led to some fun times in the bathroom sink and alot of toweling. This is exactly what we want to do as we are groggy from sleep!

Dave petted her for awhile to let her know she wasn't in trouble while I cleaned up. The babies hung out in the living room after it was all over but after a few minutes, Bag came in and settled on the bed with us for the entire night. Noodle decided that might not be a bad idea, so she slept with us all night, too, on her pillow! It's rare that she sleeps throughout the night with us.

I knew we were forgiven for the bath when she gave me several facials this early morning. They got up with us and were all active already. Sadly, I had to leave them for the day. When I returned, there was only pee in the litterbox from both. They came out of the closet and picked up where they left off. They are so simple!

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