Saturday, January 3, 2009

Waiting for Noodle

I definitely find that my life and schedule of activities have centered around Noodle since her arrival. We had to run errands today but I did so very hesitantly because she hasn't pooped since the last blog entry (going on about 36 hrs now). We thought she was going to poop at 430 this morning but it was only a pee. And at 830am, it was a false alarm.

She didn't sleep much yesterday so I was hoping she would sleep in last night but didn't - she and Bag were active off and on while we tried to get some sleep. She was atop the black couch again. We saw her climb up there a couple of times. I stayed up with them for about an hour at 330 just playing - too bad we don't have a nanny cam set up (yet) to see what they do when we aren't watching.

They napped when we were out and it takes her awhile to get going again. Although I tried to keep her interest with the green feather stick, in the end, she migrated back to the closet, but not before hunting Bag a real good one where he jumped about a foot high and back! It was hilarious.

Dave brought them both out and both are hanging out in the living room as I type this. We'll see what the evening brings.

We soon found out what the evening brought, for sure. They must have stored up tons of energy because they were chasing and hunting each other without barely a moment's rest. First it was in the living room then in the hallway. First it was Noodle then Bag instigating. They played right up into 11pm when we retired for the night, but not them! They continued on and we could hear some shuffling still. Bag eventually made his way to bed while Noodle settled atop the black couch again.

Another fun-filled day with the kids!

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