Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Another Day without M&D

We woke up to Bag sleeping with us, and I found Noodle hanging out on the black couch. She appeared to have been sleeping. Amazingly, she was ON the couch, rather than atop it. After some eating, moving around, and just generally being active, she is now hidden on the window sill.

Bag had a mellow morning, eating and peeing. He is just hanging out now, but anything can happen.

I got home around 515 and was pleasantly surprised to see Noodle had peed and pooped (at least the evidence pointed to her) sometime during the day and even more so, that there weren't any accidents or trails of poop. Her butt was clean when I checked and wiped.

After checking the litterbox, I rounded the corner and there they both were, just hanging out. I don't know how long they had been there or if they just emerged from the closet, but they are a sight for sore eyes.

They were clearly energetic - they have taken turns chasing each other, loudly around the house, too. I have to be sure to get out of their way!

Bag and Noodle went out on the deck a bit but the wind is blowing nicely and loudly which scared her then him back in. After some more repeated requests for food, Bag gave up and chose to nap in the bedroom while Noodle hung out here with us.

After his nap, the two wrestled off and on, and as we retired for the night, they were doing their own thing ... Bag roaming the house and Noodle on the window sill. But at 1045, Noodle went to poop - it was a small poop so I don't know if I interrupted her or if she'll go again soon. Bag got off his cat castle to wrestle with her but she is now back on the window sill, which is usually a safe time to close out for the night, except that as I closed out this entry, here she is ... the huntress!

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