Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tricky Noodle!

So this morning about 430am, we hear someone in the litterbox and of course, it turns out to be Noodle. Dave goes to check her and it's the second false alarm; turns out she was just hanging out in there, or at least playing. Not fun for that time in the morning! We hope this is not the start of some trend.

At 630am, she is at it again and this time, it's the real deal. She pees and poops a good one, and although she is brought to bed, she is energetic and quickly scampers away. Bag is with me and sleeps right through her activities.

At 7am, we hear her again. What gives? Visions of a stomachache and diarrhea go through my head, but apparently she had forgotten to poop one more poop. Again, she is playful and shows no signs of letting up, though she is more apt to hang out in bed now.

All morning they have taken turns being energetic and playful. They romped around again, picking up where they left off but as I type this, Bag is resting in his cardboard box and she is guarding her crinkle tunnel ... which she has successfully flattened. Alas, it's only 1pm so we'll see what the rest of the day holds.

It's now 830pm and both have napped most of the afternoon, with a few awake moments here and there. Noodle has decided to sleep under our pub table now, which is great for us because it's in the living room but surprising because it affords no intimate closure (we are also in the midst of selling it so if anyone's interested, let us know). They are, however, fully awake now and chasing the laser pointer in between sniffing each other. I'm sure they will wait till it's our bedtime before they start getting really active! Noodle started making these "excited" type of sounds - a crossover between a squeak, pip, and meow, as she used all of her energy to chase that darn laser pointer. We have never heard that sound from her before.

Bag was biting and pawing Dave as he laid in his cardboard box with Noodle focusing on them - so cute!

Bag is now thinking about jumping on the window sill but Noodle is hunting him from atop the couch. Tonite we padded the back end of the futon, in the event she loses her balance and falls back there. For such a little 5 pounder, she sure is feisty. In true Noodle form, she just chased him off!

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