Monday, January 12, 2009

Early AM Activities

It's creeping up on 8am now and the kids have been active! They were, at the very least, chasing each other last night to where the crinkle tunnel found its way into the bedroom hallway (so we got to listen to it). Then this morning, it looked safe for Bag to get his breakfast since Noodle was atop the couch looking out the window but she came down instantly when she saw he was getting attention.

She pee'd just as I was finishing brushing my teeth, and was chased into the bathroom by her brother. Just a little after 7, I heard someone scratching the litterbox just as I shut down the shower water. And of course, Murphy's Law, it was her pooping. It was a good poop but sure made me rush around.

They resumed their chasing and wrestling, but seemed to have calmed down a little. At least I hope so - she is in the bedroom looking out the window and Bag is hanging here on the floor. I need to get going so I hope they are settling down.

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