Sunday, March 29, 2009

The WeekEND is Over - sadly!

We had a productive weekend with the kids. Or rather, the kids were very productive with us. They kept us busy in the litterbox, sometimes with their antics of "going" at the same time (like today's joint pee trip), but primarily with their playing, hunting, chasing, and of course, cat-mania championship rounds.

We had to work some, and as you can see, we had a helper. We LOVE our help!

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Week is Over!

It has been a long and busy week but Noodle and Bag managed to stay on track with their regular activities of sleeping, peeing, pooping, eating, drinking, wrestling, and chasing. Noodle had alot of normal pee clumps, with one or two false alarms. She has pooped daily and it's been pretty good, hearty poop although there was one night when we washed her little butt just to be sure.

Bag has always seemed consistent with his litter activities - powerful, but consistent. In fact, he is also helpful, like today when I was cleaning her pee, he decided to join me in the litter room. Nothing like cat love when both Momma and son are scratching the litterbox at the same time.

Both have been eating both the dry food and the canned food. Noodle doesn't always finish hers but she gets enough of it (the urinary diet) through her pickings. They have been drinking water under our watch - nothing like standing there and just watching them drink water!

There has been lots of awake time, filled with wrestling, chasing, and self-entertainment. Never a dull moment.

Both of them came up to sleep with us in the mornings when we were ready to get the day started - why is that?? They had all night to sleep with us. Once in awhile, we'd get cat points and they would sleep right there with us at night.

This weekend will definitely be spent with the kids. I'm sure what they care about is that there are humans to tend to their daily needs.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Doing Good, Kids!

Even though we had to return to work and missed the kids terribly, they seemed to have done alright today, especially lil Miss Noodle. She had two pretty good size pee clumps, along with one poop piece when I got home. Bag has not gone at all today except for a couple of pee trips.

Tonight, after a long, quality nap, she pooped a longer poop piece along with another good size pee clump. She has quite a bit of pent up energy now, primarily reserved for hunting her brother, although he got in a few good digs.

They both ate their canned, wet food together - it was cute, though I had to block her view of him to help her focus. She did drink water a couple of times today, too - which is always a pleasant surprise.

Gone is the Weekend

Of course, the kids won't know that the work week has started. Their only indication is that their human servants (aka Momma and Daddy) aren't around as much. Although our weekend was full of errands and work projects, it was nevertheless (and always) fun and full of kid-antics. There was a combination of catmania, though they take turns being the winning champ, with hunting and chasing.

Then there are the pees and poops, which were all on the up and up. She hasn't had runny or soft poop since we gave her some of the urinary wet food, although we give her just a smidgen each morning and evening. She still has her dry food, too. And, we are seeing her drink a good amount of water, at least once a day. Her pee clumps are starting to look their normal size (for her body weight). And she isn't visiting the litterbox as frequently. Her urine culture came back negative but doesn't explain her frequency and little pee clumps from earlier. Whatever was happening to her ... well, we hope it's clearing.

She is, however, coming into her own quite a bit. There are more meows, chirps, and cute little but undistinguishable noises, coming from her. When she wants up on the kitchen counter, all she has to do is give us a meow and "that" look, and there she is, up high and exploring.

Last night she slept with us while Bag slept in the bedroom closet but as long as they are in the same room together, that's good. Bag is so great with her, gentle but sure wrestles with her when he means it. She monitors his litter visits and sometimes joins him in there, too. I wonder if sometimes he thinks, OMG ... MY SISTER!

Oh, I forgot to mention that Bag went out on a drive with us on Sat. He meowed quite a bit more than usual, but it had been months since his last drive (before Noodle got here). He had moments where he settled down on my lap. When we got home, and all Sat, he kept wanting back into the garage, now that he knows and remembers what it was like.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Lil Pee, Lil Progress

Yesterday Noodle had more litter visits than I was comfortable with (and I'm sure for her, too). But just before dinner, she pooped a normal poop and later last night, she peed a clump that seemed closer to her normal size which was great news.

Our monitor had died last night and turned itself off, so we slept through any litterbox activity. Fortunately there wasn't any through the night, except for this morning when Noodle went ... and again almost her normal size.

There hasn't been any poop so far but it has been great that her most recent pee trips have been closer to her normal size. I think the wet food she's been getting has helped a little. We just hope it doesn't come out runny.

Dave got home early and witnessed alot of chasing and wrestling, but they have tired and now are napping.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Still Waiting!

It has now been 24 hrs since Noodle's poop yesterday. I actually worked from home today and got to monitor her litter visits, as well as await her poop after having eaten the canned food. She went to the litterbox at least 3 times since we've been up this morning, and each time, she never peed her usual amount but there were coin-sized clumps. So something is coming out. I hope we figure out what's going on with her and help her take care of it. I'm guessing she's not as comfortable as she could be. Though she looks it as she wrestles with brother, and naps all over the house, don't get me wrong!

I got some serious cat facials this afternoon and some time with her on the couch. But she is back in bed, while her brother is in the closet. Earlier she napped on the top perch of the tree. Soon their dad will be home and he can entertain them!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Poor Lil Noodle!

Well, after a few days of increasing and frequent false alarms in the litterbox, some of which were minutes apart, we decided lil Noodle needed to see Doc Craig and team again. She was just there last weekend! Seems she just wants all the attention.

This morning, unbeknownst to her, I was preparing her for her trip. She was, meanwhile, chasing and taunting her brother who was only asking for breakfast. I felt bad having to cut her antics short. But into her travel backpack she went, telling me the entire drive there that she didn't care for this too much. I don't think it mattered either that I put in a few of her toys and her food.

Apparently she was nervous and trembling a good portion of the morning while there. So of course, as nervous parents, both Dave and I leave work early to go pick up the lil princess. She hadn't peed (or pooped) all morning, but Doc Craig got a clean urine sample and found some areas of concerns for us to monitor. We're getting her sample tested further to see if she actually has an infection.

When she got home, she resumed her normal antics. Bag sniffed her but was more happy that now there are human beings to feed him his canned food. Dave cuddled with her and of course, she loved the attention.

We had to leave but when I returned, there was some cleaning needed in the litter room. How could that be? I was gone only an hour! There was Noodle pee and poop - a super long one with smaller pieces. The remaining was on her butt. I'm sure she wasn't happy with me - not only did I take her to the vet, I also wiped her butt a few times to get the stinkiness off.

And of course, as I was cleaning, Bag decided that he needed to pee. And not only that, he pooped immediately afterwards, very nicely sharing the scent with me.

Noodle got her first spoonful of canned wet food to help break up some of the crystals and boy, did she gobble it up! So now ... she knows what other types of food lies out there. Oh geez. That means that should she get better, she'll still want the canned food.

Now ... we are awaiting the arrival of the canned foot via her butt. We can only hope that it's hard enough to drop into the litterbox rather than her dragging it around the house. As it is, she left some trails this afternoon. Oh Noodle!

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Face We Love

We just wanted to share with our viewers the face we truly love ... I mean, how can you NOT love this face?

Kids in Action

We were fortunate to have captured some antics on video. It's great to see Noodle using her paws to climb up the cat tree, especially on her own. I think it's helpful when there's a tail that she's chasing.

While we were gone today, she pooped a good, long one. Dave was lucky to come home first and find it in the litterbox (thank goodness not anywhere else in the house). She had some residual stuck to her butt that took some warming towels to remove. Other than that, the kids seemed to be they're own crazy and active selves.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

That's Alotta Noodle

So of course after going for 38 hrs without pooping (the longest now), she and her brother took turns in the litterbox very early this morning and still throughout the morning. Poor Dave was up at 4-ish for a Bag pee, then again at 5-ish for a Noodle poop (a good one, too). Bag decided he needed to poop around 6-ish, then Noodle peed at 7-ish. She peed again at 820, 10-something, and around noon. They were all small pee trips, so now we are monitoring that. Goodness.

And not to be outdone, Bag - who had been sleeping all morning - pukes up his wet food in the bathroom. At least it was on the mat which is now in the washer.

They played with each other some, Noodle holding Bag's head down while she groomed him, and although both took some interest in the catnip, it didn't seem to make much of an effect. They've settled down slightly, although Bag is still waiting for food, thinking he is starving, I'm sure.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Time w/o the Kids

The kids were with their Daddy all Fri evening and Sat day while I was away, and boy, did I miss them! I didn't miss the litterbox duties but it was great to see those big, cute eyes and little faces when I got home. Apparently there wasn't much littering going on, but Noodle finished her meds, and showed the boys who the woman of the house is. They were great keeping Dave company, especially Bag who was on the couch with him ... if he wasn't atop the counter tops looking down on his kingdom.

Noodle has not pooped since Fri morning, though. But she also hasn't had any false alarms either.

Bag spent all Sat evening keeping us company, sleeping on my lap while Noodle was in her condo. She is now up, ate dinner, messed around in the fridge, and just peed. She's now monitoring the rain while Bag settles down somewhere in the bedroom.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Noodle, and then some

Noodle was pretty sneaky last evening, but I'm not sure she meant to be. Sometime while we were home, she had pooped a good one without us knowing or supervising! Which meant she got a delayed butt wipe. All in all, she pooped three times yesterday, so here I am, waiting for her poop again today as I work from home. They were good, successful poops, so we are glad for that.

Both babies slept in the bedroom with us again. Bag seemed comfortable atop Dave's suitcase in the closet while Noodle - after at least 4 attempts of bringing her back to bed - settled down with us. I think she likes the fleece blanket, because she found her way on there, which meant I had to move ... which is OK.

They have played some this morning but pretty much have been hanging out looking out the window. Once in awhile one of them gets a spurt of energy and tackles the other. Cute!

And oh, Noodle's tests all came back negative, so that's good. But it still doesn't explain her once a month diarrhea-type episodes or the randomly frequently false alarms in the litterbox. So again, she keeps us going.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

All Asleep!

What a world it would be if we knew what the babies were thinking. Yesterday, Noodle didn't poop at all, so I left for work all anxious. Both babies peed while we were gone, and she went all day without a poop as far as we could tell.

And unlike her, she was active all evening, even at 8pm when she is normally napping. We played chase the blue feather boa stick, too. She finally looked like she was settling down afterwards, but then we headed off to bed. I don't recall having her with us when I fell asleep but sometime in the middle of the night, there she was. Her brother slept in the closet and seemed content there. So it was great to have both babies with us all night long.

This meant they were both well rested but unfortunately we both had to work. She was more active than him, and active enough to poop before I left. So that was good.

I bet they have settled for a nap and I am clearly anxious to go home and play with them again. I miss them even when I'm right there with them!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Another Snow Day for the Babies

They must be like most folks living in Western WA - enough with the snow already! When it came down a bit yesterday and more today, they could really care less. The naps were more enticing to them, which they both are doing now - Noodle in her upper condo and Bag in the closet.

They had an active morning though. Noodle pooped another sample for me, and when I returned from the dentist, I think she had pooped again. They were wrestling but it was Noodle who hunted her brother. What a girl. She was clearly more active than Bag, who was focused on food. Check out this video from Sun's wrestling match, complete with Bag hiss.

They slept all afternoon, which means I can get some work done. They are now awake, about to become even more playful.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day w/the Babies

It may be sunny outside but it's much prettier here at home with the babies. We have been worried about Noodle's ongoing litterbox drama but all we can do now is wait for the test results. In the meantime, after having gone 60+ hrs without pooping (since her last diarrhetic/soft poop incident late Thu night), she finally pooped one piece for us this afternoon, enough to bring in to Doc tomorrow. It's sitting out on the deck now where it's cold (it is NOT going in the fridge).

The kids have been going between napping and wrestling. While they normally would be napping right now (it's the middle of the afternoon), they have decided to chase and wrestle one another. Bag slept with us all night and morning, so he must have gained strength. She came up later this morning and tried to get him to play but he was not having it. And he hissed so.

But most recently, they have been taunting, hunting, and duking it out. There have been lots of head swatting by the paw, too - all very funny to witness. They both are instigating, so we're not feeling sorry for either one. There were a few times when Bag had had enough, but she just keeps going and going. He is getting grumpier as he gets older, too. As long as she doesn't get hurt by that. But for now, he seems to have a pretty good cattitude with her.

Dave returned with a flea comb and brushed them both. Fortunately, no fleas (dead or alive) were found. Perhaps the flea from yesterday was a dead and isolated one. They laid still for the brushing but decided sleeping on the fresh bedding in bed was alot more comfortable, but at least both of them are together now.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm Not Sick!

You definitely couldn't tell that Noodle has things going on internally (wonder what goes through that brain?) by her actions just these past couple of hours this morning. While she didn't sleep with us last night (only came to bed for a few minutes this morning), she was up and at it (i.e., her Big Bro Bag) when we got up.

I think they took turns instigating wrestling matches but she is the more active one. She has been chasing her (what used to be mine) Hello Kitty ponytail holder and with so much momentum, climbed her way up to one of the top perches! I only helped hold her slightly but she got up there pretty much on her own! What a gal. Just for that, she gets to go see Doc Miller again and donate some blood in just a few minutes.

Well, we're back - it wasn't a very long trip and for the most part, she did very well. She meowed just a bit as we left the house, a bit confused, I'm sure. But I figured out a way to half cover her and half leave her open so she could see me and some images if she wanted. She didn't meow any more after that and just looked out with those cute, little eyes.

She was very calm during the blood draw and didn't tremble as much as yesterday. Doc Miller gave her her capsule, which she didn't fight. No poop to deliver, though. Looks more like Monday for the poop delivery. He even cleaned up her chin acne - oh, those teenagers!

At home, she snuck under the couch but just barely, and sniffed noses with Big Bro Bag. She didn't stay there for long and then just wandered around the house. I put her in front of her food bowl so she knew she could eat, but chose not to. I put her in her condo but she wasn't ready to go in yet. But after I refilled the food bowl and she saw Big Bro Bag eating, she too had to have some. So now, she is in the kitchen, making her way to hallway, while Big Bro Bag is way on top of the fridge.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Such a Drama Queen

Well, with her multiple episodes late last night, we decided to take her to the vet today. We were nervous to leave her today and fortunately, all she did was pee, which made sense because
she had let it all out last night.

On the drive there and back, she was great! She meowed maybe twice, at the most and even wanted to check out the images and visuals.

She got about 45 minutes with Doc Miller and team. Christina combed out a dead flea - yuck but oh no! No fleas, please! So now both kids will be on the topical flea treatment. And now I think I have fleas, too! We really hope to get it taken care of, since it was hard watching Bag go through the flea baths when he was a kitten.

She also lost 3 ounces - what?? It must be all of that chasing and wrestling with Big Bro Bag. We have to say, though, she instigates more than half of the matches. This is interesting, because she'll eat at least twice a day (that we've noticed) like nobody's business. But clearly it comes out in other ways (hence, today's vet visit).

We'll be returning tomorrow to run a full blood test and we're also supposed to turn in a poop sample for a parasitic test. So true to our lives, we are again waiting for her to poop. Dave also gets the pleasure of administering her capsule for the next week. But whatever it takes to make sure the parasites aren't making a comeback, or if they are, to manage them immediately.

Upon returning home, she hung out under the couch for awhile, then with Dave and later in her condo. She later came up to join us on the couch and even gave me my facial. Since they have to fast for tomorrow's test (not Bag but he gets to fast anyway), we were able to convince her to eat some at 830 and Bag a little later. Hopefully the next 12 hours will go by fast for them.

Are You Sick, Noodle?

We really wish we could talk with Noodle and see what's up with her because on Wed, she had pooped 4 times like nobody's biz and then took a break yesterday. Well then late last night she has one poop, followed by a false alarm, followed by I'm-letting-it-all-come-out-in-whatever- shape. And she did! Dave said it started off hard but got soft and yes, they both made a run for the bathroom sink where I met them with warm running water, cat shampoo, and two towels.

As much as she tried being a champ, she struggled with the bath but cuddled with Dave afterwards while I cleaned up. She smells (and must feel) better. Then she surprisingly came up to bed and slept with us for pretty much most of the night, I think. She had another false alarm just before 6 but came back to bed afterwards.

There's been no litterbox activity since, and I have to get going, but as much as her poop schedule keeps changing on us, one thing's for sure - she and her brother continue to chase and hunt each other like there's no tomorrow. Diarrhea or not, here she comes!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Quality AND Quantity!

Yesterday was a busy poop day for Noodle. Just as we were getting worried about her "false alarms" in the litterbox, she throws us a curve ball by pooping 4 times yesterday. I have no idea what got into her, other than lots of food. She started off the morning with little marbly poops at 530, then a really healthy, quality one at 715 after which time I felt good about going to work.

She only peed while we were gone - Dave checked when he got home first. They spent last evening with him, napping and wrestling, and wrestling and napping.

Just before I got in, she pooped again, under Dave's watch. And then AGAIN, at 1130 last night. I don't know if she'll have anything left for today, but so far, she has not. Hopefully she will before I go in, but I highly doubt it.

What I can count on is all the chasing, wrestling, and hunting currently going on. She even monitored Bag's pee just now. She did pee while I was on a work call, but I was hoping she had pooped. She settled on the bed just as I left.

When I got in, she was STILL in bed! Apparently she and Bag had not moved (much or at all). There was nothing in the litterbox either. They wrestled and chased each other, but settled down for a nap.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Back to Work ...

The kids had to fend for themselves again, now that the workweek is here (ugh). They apparently did well, though. I got home before Dave and both kids, primarily Bag, greeted me at the door. Probably cause he wanted his food. Noodle appeared almost immediately, looking all sleepy but both were darling with their ahhh-my-servant-is-home looks.

There was both Bag and Noodle poop in the litterbox, and amazingly, only Bag had residual on his butt. To replenish, Bag got his dinner and Noodle got her Hip Action treat. They wrestled non stop and pretty actively while I ate.

Being too cute and wrestling too much took a toll, so now they are napping. Just like last night, no doubt will they be awake and peeing and pooping in the late hours of the night.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Time w/Daddy

Noodle has been doing good with her poop these past couple of days despite a few false alarms. When she did poop, it dropped from her cute lil butt (lucky for all of us). She is a champ when it comes to the butt wipes, then scurries off to resume her chasing and wrestle-mania with her brother.

We are slightly worried that over the past few weeks, she has had more false alarms in the litterbox than normal. I wonder if she missed her moment or was just messing with us. We hope it's the latter. But most of the time, she is pooping or peeing. Nevertheless, we will check with our vet.

Both kids spent Saturday with Daddy while I went to an all day training. She laid on the camera as he was trying to take photos, and spent three good hours next to Daddy on the couch as he was working. If she wasn't, she was "helping" him or wrestling with Bag.

As we were cleaning the house this morning, we put her up on the top perch, where she got all comfortable. We moved her down to the upper condo on our way out. When we returned, we brought her out to hang with us, but she eventually found her way back to the condo. Bag as well ... even though he ate some snacks, he is back in the closet. I'm sure we'll see them emerge later.