Friday, March 27, 2009

The Week is Over!

It has been a long and busy week but Noodle and Bag managed to stay on track with their regular activities of sleeping, peeing, pooping, eating, drinking, wrestling, and chasing. Noodle had alot of normal pee clumps, with one or two false alarms. She has pooped daily and it's been pretty good, hearty poop although there was one night when we washed her little butt just to be sure.

Bag has always seemed consistent with his litter activities - powerful, but consistent. In fact, he is also helpful, like today when I was cleaning her pee, he decided to join me in the litter room. Nothing like cat love when both Momma and son are scratching the litterbox at the same time.

Both have been eating both the dry food and the canned food. Noodle doesn't always finish hers but she gets enough of it (the urinary diet) through her pickings. They have been drinking water under our watch - nothing like standing there and just watching them drink water!

There has been lots of awake time, filled with wrestling, chasing, and self-entertainment. Never a dull moment.

Both of them came up to sleep with us in the mornings when we were ready to get the day started - why is that?? They had all night to sleep with us. Once in awhile, we'd get cat points and they would sleep right there with us at night.

This weekend will definitely be spent with the kids. I'm sure what they care about is that there are humans to tend to their daily needs.

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