Thursday, March 12, 2009

Noodle, and then some

Noodle was pretty sneaky last evening, but I'm not sure she meant to be. Sometime while we were home, she had pooped a good one without us knowing or supervising! Which meant she got a delayed butt wipe. All in all, she pooped three times yesterday, so here I am, waiting for her poop again today as I work from home. They were good, successful poops, so we are glad for that.

Both babies slept in the bedroom with us again. Bag seemed comfortable atop Dave's suitcase in the closet while Noodle - after at least 4 attempts of bringing her back to bed - settled down with us. I think she likes the fleece blanket, because she found her way on there, which meant I had to move ... which is OK.

They have played some this morning but pretty much have been hanging out looking out the window. Once in awhile one of them gets a spurt of energy and tackles the other. Cute!

And oh, Noodle's tests all came back negative, so that's good. But it still doesn't explain her once a month diarrhea-type episodes or the randomly frequently false alarms in the litterbox. So again, she keeps us going.

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