Wednesday, March 11, 2009

All Asleep!

What a world it would be if we knew what the babies were thinking. Yesterday, Noodle didn't poop at all, so I left for work all anxious. Both babies peed while we were gone, and she went all day without a poop as far as we could tell.

And unlike her, she was active all evening, even at 8pm when she is normally napping. We played chase the blue feather boa stick, too. She finally looked like she was settling down afterwards, but then we headed off to bed. I don't recall having her with us when I fell asleep but sometime in the middle of the night, there she was. Her brother slept in the closet and seemed content there. So it was great to have both babies with us all night long.

This meant they were both well rested but unfortunately we both had to work. She was more active than him, and active enough to poop before I left. So that was good.

I bet they have settled for a nap and I am clearly anxious to go home and play with them again. I miss them even when I'm right there with them!

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