Friday, March 6, 2009

Such a Drama Queen

Well, with her multiple episodes late last night, we decided to take her to the vet today. We were nervous to leave her today and fortunately, all she did was pee, which made sense because
she had let it all out last night.

On the drive there and back, she was great! She meowed maybe twice, at the most and even wanted to check out the images and visuals.

She got about 45 minutes with Doc Miller and team. Christina combed out a dead flea - yuck but oh no! No fleas, please! So now both kids will be on the topical flea treatment. And now I think I have fleas, too! We really hope to get it taken care of, since it was hard watching Bag go through the flea baths when he was a kitten.

She also lost 3 ounces - what?? It must be all of that chasing and wrestling with Big Bro Bag. We have to say, though, she instigates more than half of the matches. This is interesting, because she'll eat at least twice a day (that we've noticed) like nobody's business. But clearly it comes out in other ways (hence, today's vet visit).

We'll be returning tomorrow to run a full blood test and we're also supposed to turn in a poop sample for a parasitic test. So true to our lives, we are again waiting for her to poop. Dave also gets the pleasure of administering her capsule for the next week. But whatever it takes to make sure the parasites aren't making a comeback, or if they are, to manage them immediately.

Upon returning home, she hung out under the couch for awhile, then with Dave and later in her condo. She later came up to join us on the couch and even gave me my facial. Since they have to fast for tomorrow's test (not Bag but he gets to fast anyway), we were able to convince her to eat some at 830 and Bag a little later. Hopefully the next 12 hours will go by fast for them.

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