Friday, March 20, 2009

Lil Pee, Lil Progress

Yesterday Noodle had more litter visits than I was comfortable with (and I'm sure for her, too). But just before dinner, she pooped a normal poop and later last night, she peed a clump that seemed closer to her normal size which was great news.

Our monitor had died last night and turned itself off, so we slept through any litterbox activity. Fortunately there wasn't any through the night, except for this morning when Noodle went ... and again almost her normal size.

There hasn't been any poop so far but it has been great that her most recent pee trips have been closer to her normal size. I think the wet food she's been getting has helped a little. We just hope it doesn't come out runny.

Dave got home early and witnessed alot of chasing and wrestling, but they have tired and now are napping.

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