Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Poor Lil Noodle!

Well, after a few days of increasing and frequent false alarms in the litterbox, some of which were minutes apart, we decided lil Noodle needed to see Doc Craig and team again. She was just there last weekend! Seems she just wants all the attention.

This morning, unbeknownst to her, I was preparing her for her trip. She was, meanwhile, chasing and taunting her brother who was only asking for breakfast. I felt bad having to cut her antics short. But into her travel backpack she went, telling me the entire drive there that she didn't care for this too much. I don't think it mattered either that I put in a few of her toys and her food.

Apparently she was nervous and trembling a good portion of the morning while there. So of course, as nervous parents, both Dave and I leave work early to go pick up the lil princess. She hadn't peed (or pooped) all morning, but Doc Craig got a clean urine sample and found some areas of concerns for us to monitor. We're getting her sample tested further to see if she actually has an infection.

When she got home, she resumed her normal antics. Bag sniffed her but was more happy that now there are human beings to feed him his canned food. Dave cuddled with her and of course, she loved the attention.

We had to leave but when I returned, there was some cleaning needed in the litter room. How could that be? I was gone only an hour! There was Noodle pee and poop - a super long one with smaller pieces. The remaining was on her butt. I'm sure she wasn't happy with me - not only did I take her to the vet, I also wiped her butt a few times to get the stinkiness off.

And of course, as I was cleaning, Bag decided that he needed to pee. And not only that, he pooped immediately afterwards, very nicely sharing the scent with me.

Noodle got her first spoonful of canned wet food to help break up some of the crystals and boy, did she gobble it up! So now ... she knows what other types of food lies out there. Oh geez. That means that should she get better, she'll still want the canned food.

Now ... we are awaiting the arrival of the canned foot via her butt. We can only hope that it's hard enough to drop into the litterbox rather than her dragging it around the house. As it is, she left some trails this afternoon. Oh Noodle!

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