Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Quality AND Quantity!

Yesterday was a busy poop day for Noodle. Just as we were getting worried about her "false alarms" in the litterbox, she throws us a curve ball by pooping 4 times yesterday. I have no idea what got into her, other than lots of food. She started off the morning with little marbly poops at 530, then a really healthy, quality one at 715 after which time I felt good about going to work.

She only peed while we were gone - Dave checked when he got home first. They spent last evening with him, napping and wrestling, and wrestling and napping.

Just before I got in, she pooped again, under Dave's watch. And then AGAIN, at 1130 last night. I don't know if she'll have anything left for today, but so far, she has not. Hopefully she will before I go in, but I highly doubt it.

What I can count on is all the chasing, wrestling, and hunting currently going on. She even monitored Bag's pee just now. She did pee while I was on a work call, but I was hoping she had pooped. She settled on the bed just as I left.

When I got in, she was STILL in bed! Apparently she and Bag had not moved (much or at all). There was nothing in the litterbox either. They wrestled and chased each other, but settled down for a nap.

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