Thursday, March 19, 2009

Still Waiting!

It has now been 24 hrs since Noodle's poop yesterday. I actually worked from home today and got to monitor her litter visits, as well as await her poop after having eaten the canned food. She went to the litterbox at least 3 times since we've been up this morning, and each time, she never peed her usual amount but there were coin-sized clumps. So something is coming out. I hope we figure out what's going on with her and help her take care of it. I'm guessing she's not as comfortable as she could be. Though she looks it as she wrestles with brother, and naps all over the house, don't get me wrong!

I got some serious cat facials this afternoon and some time with her on the couch. But she is back in bed, while her brother is in the closet. Earlier she napped on the top perch of the tree. Soon their dad will be home and he can entertain them!

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