Friday, March 6, 2009

Are You Sick, Noodle?

We really wish we could talk with Noodle and see what's up with her because on Wed, she had pooped 4 times like nobody's biz and then took a break yesterday. Well then late last night she has one poop, followed by a false alarm, followed by I'm-letting-it-all-come-out-in-whatever- shape. And she did! Dave said it started off hard but got soft and yes, they both made a run for the bathroom sink where I met them with warm running water, cat shampoo, and two towels.

As much as she tried being a champ, she struggled with the bath but cuddled with Dave afterwards while I cleaned up. She smells (and must feel) better. Then she surprisingly came up to bed and slept with us for pretty much most of the night, I think. She had another false alarm just before 6 but came back to bed afterwards.

There's been no litterbox activity since, and I have to get going, but as much as her poop schedule keeps changing on us, one thing's for sure - she and her brother continue to chase and hunt each other like there's no tomorrow. Diarrhea or not, here she comes!

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