Saturday, March 14, 2009

Time w/o the Kids

The kids were with their Daddy all Fri evening and Sat day while I was away, and boy, did I miss them! I didn't miss the litterbox duties but it was great to see those big, cute eyes and little faces when I got home. Apparently there wasn't much littering going on, but Noodle finished her meds, and showed the boys who the woman of the house is. They were great keeping Dave company, especially Bag who was on the couch with him ... if he wasn't atop the counter tops looking down on his kingdom.

Noodle has not pooped since Fri morning, though. But she also hasn't had any false alarms either.

Bag spent all Sat evening keeping us company, sleeping on my lap while Noodle was in her condo. She is now up, ate dinner, messed around in the fridge, and just peed. She's now monitoring the rain while Bag settles down somewhere in the bedroom.

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