Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm Not Sick!

You definitely couldn't tell that Noodle has things going on internally (wonder what goes through that brain?) by her actions just these past couple of hours this morning. While she didn't sleep with us last night (only came to bed for a few minutes this morning), she was up and at it (i.e., her Big Bro Bag) when we got up.

I think they took turns instigating wrestling matches but she is the more active one. She has been chasing her (what used to be mine) Hello Kitty ponytail holder and with so much momentum, climbed her way up to one of the top perches! I only helped hold her slightly but she got up there pretty much on her own! What a gal. Just for that, she gets to go see Doc Miller again and donate some blood in just a few minutes.

Well, we're back - it wasn't a very long trip and for the most part, she did very well. She meowed just a bit as we left the house, a bit confused, I'm sure. But I figured out a way to half cover her and half leave her open so she could see me and some images if she wanted. She didn't meow any more after that and just looked out with those cute, little eyes.

She was very calm during the blood draw and didn't tremble as much as yesterday. Doc Miller gave her her capsule, which she didn't fight. No poop to deliver, though. Looks more like Monday for the poop delivery. He even cleaned up her chin acne - oh, those teenagers!

At home, she snuck under the couch but just barely, and sniffed noses with Big Bro Bag. She didn't stay there for long and then just wandered around the house. I put her in front of her food bowl so she knew she could eat, but chose not to. I put her in her condo but she wasn't ready to go in yet. But after I refilled the food bowl and she saw Big Bro Bag eating, she too had to have some. So now, she is in the kitchen, making her way to hallway, while Big Bro Bag is way on top of the fridge.


nancy said...

Oh oh... I'll be watching to see what happens next! :( I'm sure sorry she has had this going on, and I'm sure glad she found such great parents! Thank you for taking such good care of her! Nancy

Kim said...

She keeps us going and on our toes, for sure. Who knows what's really going on in that little brain and body of hers?