Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day w/the Babies

It may be sunny outside but it's much prettier here at home with the babies. We have been worried about Noodle's ongoing litterbox drama but all we can do now is wait for the test results. In the meantime, after having gone 60+ hrs without pooping (since her last diarrhetic/soft poop incident late Thu night), she finally pooped one piece for us this afternoon, enough to bring in to Doc tomorrow. It's sitting out on the deck now where it's cold (it is NOT going in the fridge).

The kids have been going between napping and wrestling. While they normally would be napping right now (it's the middle of the afternoon), they have decided to chase and wrestle one another. Bag slept with us all night and morning, so he must have gained strength. She came up later this morning and tried to get him to play but he was not having it. And he hissed so.

But most recently, they have been taunting, hunting, and duking it out. There have been lots of head swatting by the paw, too - all very funny to witness. They both are instigating, so we're not feeling sorry for either one. There were a few times when Bag had had enough, but she just keeps going and going. He is getting grumpier as he gets older, too. As long as she doesn't get hurt by that. But for now, he seems to have a pretty good cattitude with her.

Dave returned with a flea comb and brushed them both. Fortunately, no fleas (dead or alive) were found. Perhaps the flea from yesterday was a dead and isolated one. They laid still for the brushing but decided sleeping on the fresh bedding in bed was alot more comfortable, but at least both of them are together now.

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