Monday, March 9, 2009

Another Snow Day for the Babies

They must be like most folks living in Western WA - enough with the snow already! When it came down a bit yesterday and more today, they could really care less. The naps were more enticing to them, which they both are doing now - Noodle in her upper condo and Bag in the closet.

They had an active morning though. Noodle pooped another sample for me, and when I returned from the dentist, I think she had pooped again. They were wrestling but it was Noodle who hunted her brother. What a girl. She was clearly more active than Bag, who was focused on food. Check out this video from Sun's wrestling match, complete with Bag hiss.

They slept all afternoon, which means I can get some work done. They are now awake, about to become even more playful.

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