Sunday, March 1, 2009

Time w/Daddy

Noodle has been doing good with her poop these past couple of days despite a few false alarms. When she did poop, it dropped from her cute lil butt (lucky for all of us). She is a champ when it comes to the butt wipes, then scurries off to resume her chasing and wrestle-mania with her brother.

We are slightly worried that over the past few weeks, she has had more false alarms in the litterbox than normal. I wonder if she missed her moment or was just messing with us. We hope it's the latter. But most of the time, she is pooping or peeing. Nevertheless, we will check with our vet.

Both kids spent Saturday with Daddy while I went to an all day training. She laid on the camera as he was trying to take photos, and spent three good hours next to Daddy on the couch as he was working. If she wasn't, she was "helping" him or wrestling with Bag.

As we were cleaning the house this morning, we put her up on the top perch, where she got all comfortable. We moved her down to the upper condo on our way out. When we returned, we brought her out to hang with us, but she eventually found her way back to the condo. Bag as well ... even though he ate some snacks, he is back in the closet. I'm sure we'll see them emerge later.

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