Sunday, May 31, 2009

All Wrapped Up

I guess she will sleep however she wants, even all wrapped up in our laptop cord. As long as lil Miss Noodle is comfortable! We just had to make sure we didn't disturb the little thang!

Baby Sandwich

Noodle and her brother had spent some time outdoors catching some rays again. After too much sun, they opted for the shade. It's cute when they share the space so they are near each other. Apparently they created a little "sandwich" in their sleep positions, one atop the couch, the other below.

This was also after they ate dinner. Before dinner, they were still napping after their day in the sun. Good to know that they wake up for food in between their sleep. Priorities, I guess.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Oh ... Where to Hang?

Apparently, one of the decisions a cat has to make is, do I hang out outside in the sun on the deck where the shade keeps changing, or in the house where it's cooler? Hmmm ... well, Noodle has decided to do both. And guess who got to babysit while she napped in this position? Ne'er you mind that we have errands to run ...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Noodle, the Queen

May we introduce our little Queen? We always wonder, how can this little thing which weighs 5 pounds, has three paws, has been through some traumatic experiences in her less than 2 years of life ... absolutely RUN our lives??

Probably because she has got to be the kewtest Noodle ever! We are blessed that she chose us for her family!

We hope to be at her beck and call for her next 15+ years!

So Tired ... !

It's been a hard day of hanging out on the deck, gettin' some rays ... apparently they need to replenish their strength!

Oh, what are two cute cats to do ... ??!!

Livin on the Edge!

One thing Momma and Daddy are nervous about is Noodle thinks she's OK to walk along the edge of the camping chair and table out on the deck. She does this to look taller and into the house. Luckily she hasn't fallen yet, and with her 5 pounds, she has done fine for now.

She can climb onto the shorter blue chair just fine by hoisting herself up with her front paws via her mighty strength. She uses her right rear paw to stable herself but she is learning to shift her weight accordingly. What a good little girl!

Once she's in the blue chair, she can climb onto the black table. But once in awhile, big brother Bag will choose the blue chair, so we'll have to figure out something so it's fair!

Good Times, Good Times on the Deck

Yet another sunny day in the lives of Noodle and Bag. After dinner, they mosey'd their way to the deck. It was a bit hot, so they didn't stay out too long. But then afterwards, they thought it would be a cool way to get some sun - although I have no idea how they are going to get a tan through their winter fur!

Amazingly, Noodle stayed out there longer than Bag. I sat on the couch by the door watching them and getting some work done. We are SO EXTREMELY proud of them, especially of Miss Noodle who has gained some confidence in her deck-hanging out abilities!

Hello Friends!

Noodle and Bag would like to say hi to their new blog friends! Thanks for joining us on our journeys. Clearly, sleeping, eating, playing, and training the humans are their favorite pastimes. Amazingly, their peeing and pooping keep the humans busy as well.

Be sure to check out the videos, though you may have to scroll back to some older posts for them. They are cute, but then again, they are ALWAYS cute ... anytime of the day!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Adventures on the Deck!

Something must have spurred in Noodle but she spent quite a bit of time out on the deck this holiday weekend. Despite her winter fur coat, she was out there Saturday, Sunday, and today for what seemed like hours (but it was more like 30-45 minutes) off and on. She was even out there more frequently than her brother. She attacked the ceramic frog that Dave's dad made for us, ate a bird feather (or what looked like one), and laid out in the shade. We put her up on one of the camping chairs and she looked inside the window with such focus ... I'm not sure she understood that that was the bedroom she normally hangs out in. Do they understand the connection?

Yesterday, we all played with the Hello Kitty bubbles, too. Well, it was more like I was blowing them, Dave was laughing at my attempts, and the kids were successfully ignoring me.

But alas, too much sun and excitement out on the deck meant long, comfortable naps ... sprawled out in bed now. That also means that they will awake with energy when it's time for the humans to end the night.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

6 months of Noodle!

This weekend marks her 6 months with us! And what a crazy but most delightful 6 months it's been. She has made this house HERS, made us into her house servants, and showed her brother that size doesn't matter as long as you have will.

We are so very fortunate to have these two in our lives and that they each chose us for their family! They are the kewtest kids EVER!

Memorial Day Weekend

The kids had a busy morning, what with all the peeing and pooping (except for Bag) and false alarms. But most of all, there were all of the chasings and meowings up and down the cat tree and throughout the house. Gone are the days when we wanted to sleep in on the weekends, for sure!

But the excitement has passed and fatigue has set in. Noodle has been resting in the hallway closet for some time now, and Bag just settled in the castle. It took him awhile to settle down though, after constant requests for food. We are slowly feeding him fewer portions, as we're told that he is getting overweight for his age and size. We like to think that he is simply a "big boy" (with chin acne issues, too) and that there is much about him to love!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Good Morning!

It's always a good morning when BOTH kids finish their breakfast, pee, and poop! All before we leave for work. I know, I must have a fetish for them accomplishing their "list" daily but nothing like going to work knowing that their systems are clean for the day, at least hopefully.

Bag is still dealing with his chin acne, though we think he is looking better. His sister's acne has cleared up nicely but acne or not, they are still so crazily active, it's hard to keep up with them. She is chasing him as I type this, but I'm sure he will get his turn soon.

She seems to have come out of her morning funk of eating and then hiding in the bedroom, but who really knows with her? She clearly does what she wants. I thought cats were supposed to have their routine and liked consistency. At least I know these two like driving us crazy. But we love them like there's no tomorrow!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chin Acne??

So while our little Noodle is inconsistent with her social calendar, our other little baby is dealing with chin acne. It is a little worse than Noodle's, which actually cleared up. Bag actually has developed blackheads. He saw Doc Miller last weekend and got some cream, which he just loves to have applied to him daily.

We are now cleaning his chin along with the cream; hopefully that will help him. He has actually bled a little on our couch, too. *Sigh* Our little boy!

Beautiful Noodle Weekend

It was indeed a lovely Noodle weekend, with the sun out shining brightly. It might have been too bright for our little Vampire; she chose to stay hidden during the daytime this weekend. She was either in the closet or under the couch, but nevertheless hidden from sight. We still don't know why she chooses to be social one day and then anti- the next day. But then she's right there when we're sleeping or when we're about to close out for the night. Oh well. We'll enjoy her company when the Delicate Princess allows us to. I mean, just look at this face!

Her poop and pee have been pretty normal, with one or two false alarms in between. I better not say more, since I might jinx us.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Recycle!

So for all of my blogging just now about how she is being elusive as of late, she has now chosen to be SUPER active tonight. Just an hour earlier she was in her own secluded world but NOW ... she was 1) harassing her brother, 2) chasing the millions of bottle caps Dave retrieved from under the bench, and 3) clawing through our hands.

Of course though, this picture says it all. Big ol Noodle sigh!

Out on the Deck

Although she has been acting different the past few days, the one other different thing (which seems good) is that she doesn't seem too afraid to go out on the deck. Twice now when I've opened the door, she'll run out there to check it out whereas her brother is the one to think twice. She doesn't stay out long, but she seems bolder to check it out.

Oh Noodle ... I may never understand you!

The Many Moods ... The Many Sides ...

Last night we played chase the laser pointer which was alot of fun! She slept with us, or somehow showed up in the middle of the night. I still sleep in fear of her clawing my face and hair.

And while she was playful as we were getting ready for work, at breakfast time she decided to be elusive again. Dave brought her out to eat and though she licked the spoon, she wanted to be fed in the bedroom. What is this ... breakfast in bed? He stayed with her till she finished, and she remained in there as I left.

Dave returned around noon to find her in bed, with a clean butt after having pooped this morning unsupervised.

She was still in the bedroom when I got in, but came out eventually to say hi. She got some petting and ate most of her dinner in the kitchen. Then she scurried away, although off and on tonight, she was playful though I had to instigate it. She is now in the hallway closet while her brother is trying to fit in the upper condo.

We still don't understand what exactly is going on with her and why she turned elusive lately. Sigh ... the many moods, the many sides ... of Noodle-rama.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Noodle Normal

Just when we thought we were figuring Noodle all out, she goes and decides to get all freaked out for whatever reason this weekend. All of a sudden on Sunday at breakfast, she looks at her food plate, looks up at us, and then freaks out and goes running into the bedroom. She hides under the desk, and decides she doesn't want to come out to eat. Dave brought her the plate of food which she does eat, though. He stayed with her and petted her until she purred. And I went in to get some loving and purrs, too before we had to head out.

We were in and out Sunday afternoon, all of which time she napped under the desk. We figured it was best to let her be. Even though when we came home after dinner, she was still napping. Only when it was around bedtime, when we were finishing laundry, did she finally emerge. NOODLE!! I guess we apparently really do operate on Noodle time.

All of this is strange because on Saturday, she was all calm. She hung out in her upper condo when Dave was vacuuming. When I came home with a friend, she didn't run like she normally would! She allowed Agnes to pet her, carry her, and even get down to her level to play with her. Although she wasn't instigating any of the playing, she didn't freak out either. We were SOOO proud of her!

But then my dad and brother came over to visit and she did her usual "I'm going to freak out, run away, and hide from everyone!" Even on Sun when my dad stopped by for a few, she was nowhere to be found.

But she slept with us last night and this morning, and she was pretty much fine until I gave her breakfast. So while Bag ate, she scurried away to the bedroom desk again but not too far. I got her out a bit with the Hello Kitty beach ball, but she still hung out by the bedroom door, where she ate. But afterwards, she came back out to the living room and they both settled on the cat condo as I left for the day.

She's been "Noodle normal" ever since we got home tonight. Go figure. I guess we just can't disturb the delicate Princess!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Hi Tashi!

Dave had gone out to NJ last weekend to see some friends, and coincidentally, Tabby's Place, where out little wondrous Tashi lives, wasn't too far away. So he was charged with visiting, playing, videocamera-ing, and photographing with his little boy.

From the looks of things, Tashi is THE man. We hope he gets better with time; wouldn't it be great to have him join our special family sometime? How fun would that be??!!

Glad the week is over!

It has been a long and eventful week, at work and with the kids!

Bag went to the vet to get his chin acne taken care of, and got his annual physical as well. Turns out he is getting to be a little on the heavy side, which means he is getting some changes in his food and food routine. Slightly but surely. I am sure he is not too keen on that.

Not to be outdone, Noodle has her own stories to tell. She has been having some hanging poop from her butt on several litterbox trips. And if they weren't hanging poop, it was slightly soft poop to where it took several baby wipes to the butt. The other night, she even got a bath that she didn't care for, but amazingly, didn't seem to hate us for it. And she still pees and/or poops at the 6am hour, give or take 30 minutes. While it works great during the week, it is an early call on the weekends. She continues to sleep with us in bed at night, though she still appears mysteriously. I wake up, and there she is.

The two of them take turns instigating cat fights, whether it's up high or on the ground. They'll do what they have to do!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Who's In Charge?

So even though their Daddy has been gone the past few days (returning this afternoon), they still had to let me know that they were in charge, regardless of which human was home. As long as there was one to tend to them ...

Bag did his usual stinky, high quality, daily poops and incessant begging looks for food, while she continued to pee at the 6am hour, and yesterday's poop was a fun one for the two of us. I could have bathed her but the thousands of baby wipes finally did the trick. She didn't care for it so much after the 100th one. I have battle wounds and a hiss to prove it.

This morning, while Bag was drinking water, she hunted him from behind a grocery bag. She jumped on the bag to startle him, but that almost knocked the water bowl over. It did spill a good amount of water on the kitchen floor, in which she proceeded to help me clean it up. Sigh!

They kept me company in bed most of the nights but only when they felt like it. I'm headed out to pick up their Dad - they are both so cutely napping in bed together.