Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Many Moods ... The Many Sides ...

Last night we played chase the laser pointer which was alot of fun! She slept with us, or somehow showed up in the middle of the night. I still sleep in fear of her clawing my face and hair.

And while she was playful as we were getting ready for work, at breakfast time she decided to be elusive again. Dave brought her out to eat and though she licked the spoon, she wanted to be fed in the bedroom. What is this ... breakfast in bed? He stayed with her till she finished, and she remained in there as I left.

Dave returned around noon to find her in bed, with a clean butt after having pooped this morning unsupervised.

She was still in the bedroom when I got in, but came out eventually to say hi. She got some petting and ate most of her dinner in the kitchen. Then she scurried away, although off and on tonight, she was playful though I had to instigate it. She is now in the hallway closet while her brother is trying to fit in the upper condo.

We still don't understand what exactly is going on with her and why she turned elusive lately. Sigh ... the many moods, the many sides ... of Noodle-rama.

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