Thursday, May 28, 2009

Noodle, the Queen

May we introduce our little Queen? We always wonder, how can this little thing which weighs 5 pounds, has three paws, has been through some traumatic experiences in her less than 2 years of life ... absolutely RUN our lives??

Probably because she has got to be the kewtest Noodle ever! We are blessed that she chose us for her family!

We hope to be at her beck and call for her next 15+ years!


Tuck said...

Hey there Noodle! I saw you mentioned on the CB and wanted to stop by to say hello!

Kim said...

Hi Tuck - thanks for visiting! Come back and visit my blog again since I always have antics to share (according to my parents).

Anonymous said...

Noodle, you are such a gorgeous lady cat... and so fortunate that you have a quality human staff to see that all your needs (and most of your wants) are met!

Kim said...

Just wish we knew what was REALLY going on in that head of hers ... !