Monday, May 11, 2009

Noodle Normal

Just when we thought we were figuring Noodle all out, she goes and decides to get all freaked out for whatever reason this weekend. All of a sudden on Sunday at breakfast, she looks at her food plate, looks up at us, and then freaks out and goes running into the bedroom. She hides under the desk, and decides she doesn't want to come out to eat. Dave brought her the plate of food which she does eat, though. He stayed with her and petted her until she purred. And I went in to get some loving and purrs, too before we had to head out.

We were in and out Sunday afternoon, all of which time she napped under the desk. We figured it was best to let her be. Even though when we came home after dinner, she was still napping. Only when it was around bedtime, when we were finishing laundry, did she finally emerge. NOODLE!! I guess we apparently really do operate on Noodle time.

All of this is strange because on Saturday, she was all calm. She hung out in her upper condo when Dave was vacuuming. When I came home with a friend, she didn't run like she normally would! She allowed Agnes to pet her, carry her, and even get down to her level to play with her. Although she wasn't instigating any of the playing, she didn't freak out either. We were SOOO proud of her!

But then my dad and brother came over to visit and she did her usual "I'm going to freak out, run away, and hide from everyone!" Even on Sun when my dad stopped by for a few, she was nowhere to be found.

But she slept with us last night and this morning, and she was pretty much fine until I gave her breakfast. So while Bag ate, she scurried away to the bedroom desk again but not too far. I got her out a bit with the Hello Kitty beach ball, but she still hung out by the bedroom door, where she ate. But afterwards, she came back out to the living room and they both settled on the cat condo as I left for the day.

She's been "Noodle normal" ever since we got home tonight. Go figure. I guess we just can't disturb the delicate Princess!

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