Sunday, May 3, 2009

Who's In Charge?

So even though their Daddy has been gone the past few days (returning this afternoon), they still had to let me know that they were in charge, regardless of which human was home. As long as there was one to tend to them ...

Bag did his usual stinky, high quality, daily poops and incessant begging looks for food, while she continued to pee at the 6am hour, and yesterday's poop was a fun one for the two of us. I could have bathed her but the thousands of baby wipes finally did the trick. She didn't care for it so much after the 100th one. I have battle wounds and a hiss to prove it.

This morning, while Bag was drinking water, she hunted him from behind a grocery bag. She jumped on the bag to startle him, but that almost knocked the water bowl over. It did spill a good amount of water on the kitchen floor, in which she proceeded to help me clean it up. Sigh!

They kept me company in bed most of the nights but only when they felt like it. I'm headed out to pick up their Dad - they are both so cutely napping in bed together.

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